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“Enable your team to succeed”


"Being able to use GetAccept in every facet of sales and HR process has allowed our team to get more creative with the things that they are sending to people."

Amber Jedamzik

Operations Manager & Salesforce Admin at Sigstr

The challenge

After dedicating many hours implementing Salesforce throughout their organization, Sigstr wanted to make sure they were getting the most out of their new investment. They also were looking to revamp their sales team with new tools, including a document management software to house their newly updated sales content that would allow them to eSign documents. Obviously having this new tool integrated with Salesforce was a big driver when deciding which provider to partner with, as were factors like proposal creation time and ease, personalization of their send outs, document and engagement tracking, mobile capabilities, a seamless Sigstr branded experience, and new ways for their sales reps to connect with potential clients.

The solution

By connecting GetAccept to Salesforce and Google Docs, Sigstr was able to easily create very personalized sales collateral, merging data from Salesforce into their documents, add video, chat, and their Sigstr promotional email signatures into their send outs, and eSign documents quicker than ever, all while keeping their sales team within their Salesforce environment. The mobile notifications received using the GetAccept mobile app creates new opportunities for their reps to connect with clients. The G2 Crowd integration also allows them to attach their top software reviews to every send out that is delivered. Because of its success in the sales process, Sigstr also decided to use GetAccept for their Customer Success and HR needs, eSigning renewals and hiring documents.

The result

Sales Reps
After implementing Salesforce for the use of the sales team, Sigstr was looking for new ways to take full advantage of their new CRM. The team needed a proposal tool that connected to Salesforce and would allow the team to stand out by personalizing their sales assets. Now using GetAccept they are more confident and knowledgeable about their sent proposals because they're able to create and track unique experiences and stand out from their competition.

After their proposals are delivered, reps and their sales leaders are able to review the proposal metrics in-depth and take the appropriate action, ensuring they make the most of their time. Reps are able to report to their managers more thoroughly about why a deal might be stalled and managers are ensured that every proposal that gets sent out is being followed up on 100% of the time. This has fostered a better relationship with managers and reps, allowing reps to focus on creating new opportunities.

Customer Success
With all of their clients closing in on their renewals, Sigstr saw potential in using GetAccept to better track and personalize their success process. The team is able to send quarterly reviews and merit increases to keep their clients up to date with their positive progress using Sigstr. They are also able to send renewing contracts out with video, chat, and tracking, to get a better feel about the account. Their customer success managers love it because it helps them continue to build their relationships with their clients. Ultimately, alongside Sigstr's fantastic product and team, GetAccept has helped them take better control of their customer retention and keep their churn lower than ever.

Human Resources
Sigstr started using GetAccept only for their sales team, but after a few months saw the potential for creating a better hiring and onboarding experience for their new hires. Now, new employees are sent personalized offers from the recruiter they've been in contact, can ask questions with quick responses, and sign the offer conveniently from anywhere. Sigstr's recruiters are able to track the hiring documentation they send and have a better feel for who is interested in the position and who is simply window shopping.


Quick facts

Who: Amber Jedamzik, Operations Manager & Salesforce Admin, Sigstr

Industry: Marketing SaaS

Favorite functions

  • Connection with Salesforce
  • Seamless custom branding
  • Personalizing with Google Docs
  • Using video to add a face to the name

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Sigstr's 3 best tips for increased sales:

1. Add personalization throughout your customers whole life cycle, from prospect to renewal.

2. Enable your team to succeed; give them tools to help them create engaging opportunities with prospects.

3. Optimize your ROI on software's by aligning them between teams.

Amber Jedamzik

Operations Manager & Salesforce Admin at Sigstr