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Erick Herrera - Country Marketing Manager

"GetAccept has allowed our business to generate a true competitive advantage, one that our clients truly appreciate. It's a gruesome past with a very happy ending."

Erick Herrera

Country Marketing Manager

Favourite functions —

Delivering documents and reminders via SMS | Instructional introduction video | Real time analytics and insights | User friendliness for senders and signers


Grupo Gente Guatemala struggled with an outdated signing process where they literally sent employees to customers' homes to collect signatures. This not only took a lot of time and energy, but also made it difficult to deliver a transparent service because they could not precisely tell their customers when they would arrive to collect their signature. This lack of transparency and slow service resulted in low NPS scores from their customers.


After auditing their processes, they realized that the signing of the contract was the biggest factor leading to the low scores. They began the search for a better signature platform, starting with a local solution, but were not happy with the ease of use and features offered. Because many of their customers live in rural areas outside of the capital city, they rely on text messaging for communication rather than email.


As their search for a solution continued, the ability to deliver documents via SMS and create a unique customer experience became huge pluses in their decision making process.


Right off the bat, Grupo Gente Guatemala was impressed by the ease of use within the GetAccept platform, not only for the users delivering documents, but also for the signers of their contracts.


The biggest wins for the team was that they could now deliver contracts and reminders via SMS, use the introduction video to explain what there customers needed to complete to sign the contract, and answer any questions they might ask within the live chat. They were now also able to guarantee their customers would receive the contract within minutes, would be supported if they had any concerns, and could eSign the contract from anywhere on any device, drastically improving the customer experience.


The new solution was so successful and progressive that Grupo Gente was able to create a new position within their organization focused solely on the contractual experience. This now allows for vertical growth within the company where employees can learn new sales enablement skills.


Sales and Operations Team
With a more preferred and efficient delivery method for their contracts, the sales team is able to be more transparent with their new customers, promising a money transfer to their customers' bank accounts in less than 24 hours. This increased the happiness of the team because they have faith that they can deliver on their promise, which in turn leads to happier customers.


During the contractual process they are able to offer support and collect signatures faster than ever, increasing the number of customers they can onboard, which ultimately leads to higher salaries paid out. Since they have had to understand and learn new sales enablement skills to use GetAccept, the team has personally grown in ways that can help them further in their careers.


They are also happier knowing that they work for an environmentally friendly company that is a leader in green technology in Latin America. 

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