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GetAccept's affiliates are experts at driving improvements and efficiencies for their customers by identifying and recommending third-party technology solutions. Affiliates work side-by-side with the GetAccept team to deliver state of the art document automation and workflow solutions to their customers.


GetAccept is continuously having conversations with platform providers to evaluate potential integration opportunities where two solutions are more powerful together. Successful platform partners make it easy for companies to access the power of GetAccept while operating in their existing system or environment.

Friends of GetAccept

Friends of GetAccept is an ecosystem with whom we have common target groups that benefit from both our solutions. We are happy to do marketing initiatives such as co-hosted webinars and guest blogging. We can also provide campaigns for the members of industry organizations.

Why partner up with GetAccept?

Maximizing usage of our tools together as one

By being partners and creating a common integration, providing customers with a smooth and efficient business process, we can accomplish a higher usage of our solution together. In addition, we are able to minimize churn by letting our common customers maximize their usage of our tools together as one.

Reaching a higher amount of customers 

By partnering up together we can reach a higher amount of potential customers, increase brand awareness through our different customer bases, reach new markets together, and create buzz among our common target groups/industries. We will have longer and more arms - just as an octopus. 

Increase your potential revenue

With the help of a partnership, you will be able to increase your potential revenue from existing customers and attract new business. Depending on the partnership the business opportunities vary, but they all offer great possibilities for your business.

Depending on the partnership type - there is also a chance of increase your revenue through a kickback model we have with our affiliates. More info regarding this under Affiliates.


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