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With top user ratings and global recognition, GetAccept has already won the trust of over 5,000 customers. We believe in the importance of strong relationships because we know we’re stronger together. Become a trusted partner of GetAccept and help your customers grow their business! 

Empower sellers and buyers with the best digital selling & buying process

GetAccept’s Digital Sales Room empowers revenue teams to increase win rates by engaging and understanding buyers, from opportunity to signed deal.


Partnership types

This might sound like a cliché, but we genuinely believe in the idea of 1+1= 3. We breathe sales and are on a mission to help our customers and partners reach their full potential. We envision a world where buyers are confident in their choices and sellers are trustworthy partners enabling fast decisions and driving recurring value.

We believe that innovation comes from new, creative approaches. We dare to do things differently and are not afraid to explore what’s never been done before. 

We’re seeking partners and collaborators who strongly commit to our mutual customers’ success.

Technology Partner

Grow your business by building integrations
GetAccept has an open API, enabling companies to build apps and integrations to the GetAccept platform. The GetAccept Technology Partner program is for developers and companies that want to serve our mutual customers and grow their business by building apps and integrations connecting with the GetAccept platform.

  • Build integration through API
  • Create stickiness with your customers
  • Retain your customer by driving additional value
  • Connect workflows and integrate platforms.

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Referral Partners

Grow your business
Detect sales opportunities and refer GetAccept to anyone looking to level up their digital selling process. You earn a kickback if an opportunity is qualified and closed within the specified time frame.

Community Partners

Co-market yourself with GetAccept
Drive mutual brand awareness through marketing and engagement activities like webinars, podcasts, or guest blogging. You’ll build advocacy and educate shared customers on innovative ideas that help drive success while positioning yourself and your company with the leading Digital Sales Room platform.

  • Co-marketing activities
  • Webinars
  • Guest blog

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