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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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An elevated
CPQ solution

GetAccept’s Configure, Price, Quote solution empowers your sales team to create and send out professional proposals with accurate product quotes and pricing information. In just a few clicks, your Account Executives can send pricing tables tailored to the buyer’s specific needs, getting your deals one step closer to a final signature.

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Keep product information in one place

Keep control of your brand by creating predefined product records, complete with SKU, description, price and currency. Accessible just for admins, meaning your sales team will only be able to sell what you want them to sell and you won’t need spreadsheets anymore.


Pricing tables that reduce admin time

Want to make life easy for your sales reps? Enable them to put a price quote together in a matter of seconds by simply adding products from the library. All calculations happen automatically, so they can throw away those calculators.


Documents sent with both SMS and automatic reminders have a 75.3% average hit rate.


Tailor pricing and quotes to each customer

Every customer is different, so your quotes should probably be as well. Your reps can choose the product quantity and add discounts or tax details for each line item, or on the total sum in just a few clicks.


Elevate your CRM quotes

Already have products stored in your CRM but want to send more dynamic proposals that are mobile-friendly?
With our integration, reps will be able to fetch product details from the CRM straight into the pricing table and get amazing-looking quotes straight from the bat.


CPQ in your digital sales room

The sales cycle has never been this quick. Chat in real-time with prospects, edit your proposal without having to send it, add a form element for payment details, collect the e-signature anywhere, anytime, and all within your digital sales room.

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