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William Imperiale - Product Manager

"GetAccept unlocked a whole new level of scale for us. It helped us to reach these new heights where we’re dealing with tens of thousands of people all at once."

William Imperiale

Product Manager

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We helped Labaton increase the number of signed documents by focusing on customer experience to improve conversion rates.

Additionally, we worked together to build dozens of automations that broadened customer reach and improved operational efficiency.

Labaton Sucharow LLP is a law firm that prosecutes precedent-setting class and direct actions, recovering billions of dollars on behalf of defrauded consumers and investors.

In 2020, they started their Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) department, a new vertical focusing on mass arbitration and dealing with tens of thousands of clients. This meant they needed a way of handling a large influx of cases that involved anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 clients. 

With such rapid growth, Labaton needed a new e-signature solution for two parts of their process: collecting claims from consumers and getting compliance from clients once a settlement had been agreed on. Essentially, they wanted to reduce redundant admin work, including manual handling of huge numbers of documents.

And this is where GetAccept came in, offering a unique solution that enabled the automation of key processes and accelerated electronic signature collection. 

Scaling up

Mass document management and e-signatures

Labaton has seen a 10x increase in client claims acquisitions as they scaled up with GetAccept.

Labaton experienced an increase from roughly 5,000 signatures to up to 50,000 signatures in new cases and believes this is a direct result of the new and improved customer experience with GetAccept.


When it comes to gathering client signatures, the process has never been easier for Labaton. Our fast and efficient e-signature solution meant that they were able to collect thousands of additional signatures without any manual work.  


Working with the Labaton team, GetAccept was able to provide an elevated customer experience with ‘comfort’ features that helped the e-signing process feel intuitive and straightforward. For example, prompts within the platform would let users know where to scroll, where to sign, and what to expect next. This has significantly reduced the extra time spent handling queries from signers.  

With our platform, Labaton can work with thousands of clients and documents in bulk and on a daily basis. All without having to manually sift through and monitor each one. They have also been able to successfully digitize their signature process, removing the need to send and manage paper contracts.

Document generation

10 x

increase in client claims acquisitions.

50 %

reduction in document generation time.

Goodbye PDFs and hello responsive design

“We jumped on the train for the editor blocks feature. I just love it.”

About 80% of Labaton’s clients engage with Labaton’s online platform and GetAccept on a mobile device. For this reason, the team at Labaton was all in to start building documents using our native document editor.


Unlike static PDFs, our editor blocks allow for dynamic and responsive documents that are comfortable for clients to view and interact with on mobile devices. There’s no more pinching and zooming to try and view tiny text. 


Our proposal generator also allows for the use of merge tags to embed client details right into the documents generated.  

Ultimately, we were able to reduce the time it takes Labaton to generate documents by 50%.

Easy integration

A fast, fuss-free integration with GetAccept API

“The implementation was very smooth. The transition of everything from our previous vendor to GetAccept went without a hitch. We didn't have a single client that got dropped during this transition period.”

Labaton is primarily using their website to interact with clients, and so their developers had to use our open API to create a smooth transition between their tech stack and GetAccept.


The implementation was fast, smooth, and went without a hitch. The team at Labaton was happy to see that no clients were dropped during the transition period, which was something we were proud of, considering the sheer amount of people and documents being handled.  


For faster, smoother processes

Labaton has seen increases of up to 40% in their compliance numbers (i.e., clients accepting a settlement). They attribute this to their partnership with GetAccept, namely the automations that have helped to make the settlement process easier for everyone involved.

Reliable support

A top-tier collaboration

“Your team has been fantastic. For every question we have, they come up with new, ingenious solutions. GetAccept is willing to work with us as a peer.”

Whether it’s coming up with new ways to use integrations or helping developers with more technical API questions, GetAccept has Labaton's back!  

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