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Digital Sales Room

Digital Sales Room

A digital sales room gives buyers and sellers a central, online location to communicate and negotiate throughout the sales cycle. Use this resource hub to learn more about digital sales rooms (DSRs) and their benefits for sales teams and their customers.

What is a Digital Sales Room?

A digital sales room (DSR) is a secure, shared space for sellers to inform, interact and negotiate with potential buyers. A DSR acts as a personalized, living resource for interactive sales collateral: from proposals, to case studies and testimonials, white papers, and even personalized introduction videos. With a digital sales room, buyers can access and engage with sellers' content via a single, shareable link.

Digital sales rooms give buyers a streamlined and convenient purchasing experience in a secure microsite or digital resource. DSRs also empower sales professionals by providing real-time insights into buyer behavior, including changes to proposals, additions of new stakeholders, and performance of sales collateral.

There are several key functions that make up a digital sales room. These functions include:

  • Live link access
  • Tracking and insights into deal progress
  • Real-time buyer communication
  • Custom-branded experiences 
  • Unique personalization elements that replicate the experience of in-person sales meetings. 
What is a digital sales room?

How a Digital Sales Room works

DSR_Infographic_Box-1 (2)

Digital Sales Room best practices

Get the most out of your DSR by populating it with high-quality, personalized sales content. This will help you stay ahead of digital selling trends and create custom, human buyer experiences.

Digital Sales Room tools & software

DSRs are on the forefront of sales tech stack innovation. Understand the components of an effective digital sales room, and tools you can use to bring your DSR to life.

Digital Sales Room fast facts

Here are a few quick facts about digital sales rooms and their value for buyers and sellers:

  1. A secure digital environment bringing buyers and sellers together
  2. A branded library of sales collateral
  3. Elevated account-based selling experiences
  4. A place to track and identify deal progress and stakeholders
  5. A digital environment where a seller's brand and personality can shine

Why use a digital sales room?

A digital sales room provides a single, living environment for sales professionals and their buyers to connect, collaborate, and close deals efficiently. Before 2020, many sales processes were outdated and not aligned with the buyer’s journey.

In the past two years, sales teams have shifted from short-term digital solutions to the proactive use of sales technology to create and scale high-quality remote buying experiences. DSRs are the result of years of autonomous buyer journeys and technological innovation, bringing the old-school selling model into a new and improved digital environment. 

GetAccept Digital sales room infographic: What is a digital sales room and why do you need one?

Digital Sales Room FAQs

Digital sales rooms are a new way to adapt an outdated way of selling to a new, digital environment. Learn more about DSRs by exploring answers to common questions.

Digital Sales Room on the blog

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