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Salesforce CRM Integration

Manage your proposals, contracts, and quotes in Salesforce


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"Being able to use GetAccept in every facet of sales and HR process has allowed our team to get more creative with the things that they are sending to people."

 Amber Jedamzik
Operations Manager & Salesforce Admin

Sales Enablement

Use GetAccept's seamless integration with Salesforce to streamline your workflows. Create dynamic sales collateral directly from Salesforce.
You can enjoy GetAccept’s functionality of the web environment without having to leave Salesforce, creating a one-stop-shop to close as many deals
as possible.

Sales Enablement Integration


sales-enablement pciture for integration

Proposal Templates

Speed up your sales process with dynamic templates and utilize GetAccept’s deal score to learn how to close more deals. You can automatically build personalized offers based on your Salesforce data. Create, populate, develop, track, and manage all proposals in one place.

Proposal Templates Integration

Proposal management for integration

Personalize your deal with a Video

Personalize your deals with videos to generate more engagement. GetAccept’s leading sales enablement solution allows you to personalize sales collateral at scale and equips sales teams with the right content for every part of the sales process, dramatically increasing close rates.

GetPersonal with video 

contract management for integration-1

Electronic Signature

With the GetAccept integration with Salesforce CRM, you can easily close all deals with a one-click digital signature. Leverage all document workflows in an organized way for various eSigning methods. AI and real-time analytics will give you even more insights on how to identify and close deals that are stuck in the valley of death.

Electronic Signature Integration

esignature for integration


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