About the report

As we stand at the precipice of another new year, GetAccept is pleased to present the 1st edition of our Digital Sales Report, where we explore the challenges and opportunities that await revenue leaders in 2024.

At the core of the report is the data we uncovered after surveying 300 C-level executives about the challenges their revenue teams face and what their strategy and goals are for the year ahead.

We were also keen to complement and corroborate our own findings with additional research from authoritative sources.

The result is a trend-based report, which spans five pivotal domains: Win rates, sales tools and technology, maintaining competitiveness, shifts in ideal customer profiles, and the rising benchmarks of sales quotas.

With this report, we aim to provide insights and actionable content, offering you a guide to recalibrating your strategies and embracing the nuances of a marketplace where agility is not only rewarded but essential.

About us

We're GetAccept, the brains behind the digital sales room (DSR) platform that's all about making your buying and selling experiences smoother than ever.

In a nutshell: we're invested in understanding and improving the world of digital sales — hence this report. You can read more about digital sales room software here and take a look at more of our content over at our blog



of businesses are set to spend their revenue budget on sales tools and technology in 2024. [Trend 2]

What we found out


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of revenue leaders are planning to make changes to their Ideal Customer Profile in 2024. [Trend 4]