The surge in sales quotas for 2024

Our research shows that 80% of revenue leaders say their reps' quotas will increase in 2024. 

It's pretty common for sales reps' quotas to increase year over year, driven by factors like overall business growth targets, market expansion, competitive pressures, economic conditions, and productivity improvements.

This strategic approach allows companies to align sales targets with expanding business objectives, enter new markets, stay competitive, capitalize on economic opportunities, and reflect enhanced sales team efficiency.

However, a delicate balance is crucial to avoid negatively impacting sales reps' well-being and morale, emphasizing the importance of transparent communication and realistic goal-setting to maintain motivation and alignment with organizational objectives.



of revenue leaders said their reps quotas will increase in 2024.

What do your quota increases say about you?

Coming at it from a positive angle, elevating sales quotas could signal a bullish outlook—an anticipation of growth, an expression of confidence in the sales team, and a strategic alignment with overarching business goals.

For revenue leaders, it might be a decisive move to push boundaries, capitalize on market opportunities, and enhance the company's market standing.

However, for the sales reps on the frontline, this surge may present challenges.

Increased quotas could mean stretching already demanding targets, potentially leading to heightened stress and burnout.

It raises questions about the balance between ambition and realism, and the potential impact on job satisfaction, performance, and the overall well-being of the sales force.

So what are revenue leaders going to do about that?



of sales professionals agree that their job is harder now.

How to enable your reps to meet their goals

According to the the Salesforce State of Sales Report, 69% of sales professionals agree that their job is harder now. And it's likely that increasing quotas in harder markets is impacting this figure.

In this section, we want to present a few of the ways revenue leaders can start empowering their teams to achieve more sustainably

You'll notice that these pointers can be linked back to all of the trends and research covered in this report.

From tactics to improve your win rate to investing in the right technology, there are a number of things revenue leaders can be doing in 2024 to make their reps — and their business as a whole — more successful.

Check your ICP

In trend 4, we spent time looking at what an ideal customer profile is and how you can get the most out of yours.

The best thing you can do for your reps, before they even start selling, is make sure that they're trying to sell to the right people.

Qualify mercilessly

We already shared this as a tip in trend 1, where we explored win rates.

It feels good to have lots of deals coming in, but it's essential that your reps have the room to focus on the right ones.

Get good with marketing

While marketing aren't directly responsible for your sales targets, their efforts will have an impact on the amount of opportunities that present themselves to you.

As a revenue leader, you need to be BFFs with your marketing department, sharing a vision about who your ideal customers are, their pain points, and how marketing can create content, campaigns, and events to target them where they are.

Try a digital sales room

You've got to help your reps navigate, and align their processes with, increasingly complex buyer journeys. And a digital sales room like GetAccept can help you to achieve that.

From dynamic proposals, e-signature, and in-document live chat, to interaction tracking and quick identification of key stakeholders, a DSR will make it infinitely easier for your reps to create seamless buying and selling experiences.

Embed analytics into the tools your reps use

Research by McKinsey found that analytical tools can help to increase revenue by up to 20% and are most effective when they're embedded into the sales process.

The result of this is that reps can act quickly on insights, such as contacting top-priority leads, or displaying a score for a deal.

And rather than investing in more, separate tools, why not consider the ways that you can level up your existing CRM.

Level up your CRM

We're all trying to consolidate our tech stacks. This means it makes more sense to try and get more out of the software you already have rather than adding more to the list.

For revenue leaders, it's worth considering how you can get more from the CRM you're already using.

E.g. It's possible to level-up your Salesforce by adding proposal generation and e-sign functionality. Some integrations also allow for tracking and analytics, and automations that save reps a ton of admin time.

"The strongest sales leaders try to make things as easy as possible for their reps so they can sell more. They focus on cutting down on paperwork, automating routine operations, and delegating administrative tasks."

For top sales-force performance, treat your reps like customers

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