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Remi Morken - Senior Vice President of Sales

"This is a way for you to control the narrative. To make sure your reps are sticking to the process, adopting the principles you’ve set, and helping your customers to experience value instead of just product pitching."

Remi Morken

Senior Vice President of Sales

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GetAccept helps SalesScreen to create accountability among their sales reps, boost their win rates, and quickly create unique deal rooms tailored to each enterprise customer.

SalesScreen is a sales performance software that uses gamification and visualization to help companies create more productive, happier workplaces. 

Before GetAccept, Remi Morken, Senior Vice President of Sales, identified three key areas where the global sales team needed to improve.


  1. To increase their win rate from 13% to 25% within a year.
  2. To create accountability and scalability in presenting business cases and mutual action plans.
  3. To find a digital sales room solution that would help them to improve quality in their deal cycles. 


  • A twofold increase in their win rate in the 9 months following implementation. 
  • Doubled revenue growth in their enterprise sector across just two quarters, after changing from their previous provider to GetAccept. 
  • Increased accountability for deal success among reps and a scalable way to present business cases and mutual action plans. 

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“It’s difficult as a sales leader to see that your reps are doing things with quality. When you sell enterprise, you can’t just sell generic – you have to sell custom, and that’s where GetAccept has been brilliant for us.”

Remi knew that securing more adoptions began with greater accountability and higher quality – i.e., having reps feel in control of and responsible for getting the best out of every deal. 

At the core of this is a set of 8 principles that the team follows to quality-check each opportunity. This helps them to make sure they’re answering essential questions like:

  • Do we know the real, underlying pain of the prospect?
  • Do we know the prospect’s current situation and their desired situation?
  • Have we met the decision maker?
  • Do we have technical and executive alignment?
  • Have we created a custom digital sales room?

And it’s the very act of creating each deal room that Remi feels is significant in the improved output the team has seen. 

When building a digital sales room, reps begin with a template designed to guide them in creating the most robust business plan possible. 

Opening with an executive summary, the stage is set for reps to input the prospect’s challenges, the metrics they want to move, the expected impact and ROI, and the next steps.

Thanks to this reflective process, reps can easily create deal rooms that provide absolute clarity for themselves and their prospects.

The result is that both parties clearly understand the current situation, the desired situation, and exactly how SalesScreen will help them get there.

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Doubled win rate

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increase in win rate with help from GetAccept

2 x

revenue growth from Q2 to Q3 after changing to GetAccept

Heading into 2023, it was a key OKR for SalesScreen to increase their win rate by 92% (13% to 25%), with a focus on enterprise deals. 

The team surpassed their goal, seeing a 100% increase in their win rate from 13% to 26%. 

They also doubled their revenue growth from Q2 to Q3 after changing from their previous provider to GetAccept. 

While implementing GetAccept wasn’t the only thing the team did to help them reach their goals, Remi credits our solution as playing a big part, particularly regarding bringing more quality to their deal cycles – in a scalable way.

Better deal analytics

“It helps us answer the question: Is this deal ice cold or warm?”

The ability to include mutual action plans in each deal room has helped Remi and his team reduce the time between meetings. This is because there’s always a clear next step with no room for unnecessary stalling or confusion. 

Another useful GetAccept feature is the ability to see analytics data on where prospects spend the most time in the deal room and what concerns they may have about moving forward. 

These insights help reps understand what details are important and what to address in follow-up meetings: Do they seem hung up on the pricing section? Are they spending more time reading about the implementation? Why might this be, and how can we make their decision easier?

Additionally, the analytics available with GetAccept help the team understand how ‘hot’ a deal is. This is possible because of insights into details such as how long the prospect has spent in the deal room, whether additional stakeholders have accessed it, and how much they’ve interacted with the material.

Implementation & support

“The simplicity there is brilliant.” 

SalesScreen are working with the GetAccept integration for Salesforce, with everything relating to proposals and contracts taking place in the CRM.

Remi describes the simplicity of working with our integration as ‘brilliant.’

All reps need to do is keep Salesforce updated (i.e., opportunities, mandatory fields, product and pricing details), and there is a seamless exchange of data from the CRM to GetAccept and back again.

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