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Group 164

"GetAccept helps our salespeople know who and when to contact their clients. With better insights, the tool helps us prioritize our time and close more deals! Our sales team expects sharp, smart, and user-friendly interfaces that will help them evolve as sales reps - GetAccept helps with all of these things!"

Mikko Honkanen

CEO & Co-founder at Vainu

Group 165

"Being able to use GetAccept in every facet of sales and HR process has allowed our team to get more creative with the things that they are sending to people."

Amber Jedamzik

Operations Manager & Salesforce Admin at Sigstr


Keep deals moving at every step with GetAccept

Personalized communication

Branded templates, chat and video.

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Tracking and analytics

Have a sixth-sense with live tracking.

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Contract workflows

Keep track of complex contract workflows.

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