Build better customer relationships with GetAccept for Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s intuitive CRM platform meets GetAccept’s advanced sales engagement tools. No more scattered buyer communication and data or lost deals in the pipeline. A trusted single source of truth for your team. A clear win-win.


faster quoting process when using CRM integrations

10 h

Over 10 hours less manual work every week


increase in buyer engagement with personalized videos

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Branded contracts and proposals in no time

Deliver tailor-made proposals to your buyers in just three simple steps. Automate the infusion of your CRM data into contracts and proposals with merge tags. As the deal evolves, quickly make edits and update proposals to reflect changes in real-time, ensuring your buyers can always access the most current version using the same link.

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Fast, accurate quote delivery with flexible pricing table

Sending quotes in a static PDF format is outdated. With GetAccept’s pricing table, you can automatically generate a modern-looking quote using product details stored in Pipedrive. Send quotes faster while keeping everything on-brand. Your quotes also have a responsive design, meaning buyers can conveniently sign from their mobile devices, tablets, or computers.

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Add a personalized touch to every sales interaction

Foster trust with your customers by adding personalized videos to your sendouts that boost every sales communication – all within Pipedrive. Live chat with your customers or set up automated reminders to keep up the momentum.

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Track buying intent and uncover hidden stakeholders

Stay in the loop with real-time tracking of document engagement, providing valuable insights into your prospects. Receive instant notifications when your recipients leave a message, view the document, or share it with others, ensuring you're always on top of deal progression. Keep tabs on document opens, frequently viewed sections, and who your recipient has shared it with. Pinpoint all decision-makers involved to refine your outreach strategy.

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Collect all the signatures you need – fast and secure

Seal deals effortlessly with a single click using our legally binding electronic signatures. Send any document for electronic signing directly from Pipedrive. Once the signature is complete, the signed copy will seamlessly return to your CRM for secure storage.

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Your Pipedrive CRM = The single source of truth

Effortlessly store recipient input and signed contracts in Pipedrive. Automatically mark the deal as closed upon contract signing.

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"We were looking for a solution to allow us to use videos to engage prospects, send trackable sales materials, forward proposals, and gather signatures on contracts all within our CRM. GetAccept was the answer."

 Andrew Bouton - Associate Director

Andrew Bouton

Associate Director, Stacksource

Power up your Pipedrive

Electronic signatures for Pipedrive

Collect all the signatures you need – fast and secure. Send any document for electronic signing directly from Pipedrive.

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Document generation for Pipedrive

Build and manage proposals with dynamic videos, meeting summaries, sales decks, pricing tables, and much more – all from your Pipedrive environment.

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Fast quote delivery for Pipedrive

Enjoy a fast and accurate quote delivery with flexible pricing tables. The quote is modern-looking, error-free, and responsive on all devices.

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Tracking and analytics for Pipedrive

Keep tabs on document opens, frequently viewed sections, and hidden stakeholders. Stay on top of deal progression and enjoy a more accurate sales forecasting.

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Start wowing buyers and hitting quotas now

Frequently asked questions

GetAccept is integrated with Pipedrive via a Chrome extension and enhances the Pipedrive experience by introducing seamless proposal generation, electronic signature capabilities, flexible pricing tables, and detailed tracking and analytics.

You can find the latest GetAccept integration for Pipedrive and how to install it on the Pipedrive marketplace page.

Yes. GetAccept's Pipedrive integration is built for flexibility, allowing businesses to tailor features and workflows to meet their unique requirements, enhancing the CRM experience.

No, when you integrate GetAccept with Pipedrive, legally-binding, ESIGN, and UETA-compliant electronic signatures are included. You get seamless document signing without extra additional costs or purchases.

Glad you asked! You can request a demo to witness firsthand the power and efficiency of GetAccept's integration with Pipedrive, ensuring it aligns with your sales objectives. You can Book a personalized demo now!

We're committed to innovation and regularly roll out updates to ensure our Pipedrive integration is up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. You can find the latest news via our product blog.

If you want to use the GetAccept integration for Pipedrive, visit our Help Center. Here, you can read more about how to set up and configure the app, as well as get the latest product updates.

If you're interested in leveraging GetAccept for Pipedrive, you can contact our sales team. Book a personalized demo and our team will be delighted to help you get started.


GetAccept + Pipedrive = 🏆

Branded, up-to-date contracts and proposals in a few clicks, directly within Pipedrive? Let us show you in a personalized live demo how to close deals with ease – all while keeping your data synced and secure in Pipedrive.
Andrew Bouton

“Very easy integration from Pipedrive to GetAccept! Nice clean proposals sent easily for electronic signature.”
Andrew Bouton, Associate Director, Stacksource