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Electronic signatures for Pipedrive

Everything you need in one place. With the GetAccept integration for Pipedrive - create, send, track and e-sign key sales documents in Pipedrive

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Why integrate GetAccept with Pipedrive? 

There is many reasons to connect your current applications with each other. You save time and energy by eliminating the need to jump between different tabs and user interfaces. You will get an overview of all the dialogue with your clients and what the next step should be based on the engagement analytics - directly in Pipedrive. 

Highlights of what you get from the integration: 

  • Add recipients, customize, and send documents straight from all Pipedrive views.
  • Use templates with smart fields that automatically populate your documents with data from Pipedrive. 
  • In-line editor available directly in Pipedrive combined with the GetAccept Google Suite integration. 
  • Track document activity and get real time notifications on all relevant activity.
  • Get your signed contracts saved automatically to Pipedrive. 


Engage your recipient in a modern and effective way

Studies have shown that the probability of buying increases significantly (up to 73%!) If you have first seen a video explaining a product or service. That's why you can easily introduce all your documents with a video presentation, pre-recorded or personal, directly from Pipedrive.

You also get the built-in Live Chat that makes it easy for the customer to ask their questions and write comments related to the document. You will of course get notes directly in your phone when something happens, no matter where you are.


Keep track and save time with tracking and automation

Once you have sent off your agreement through GetAccept, you can easily trace it directly in your Pipedrive integration. You will see a list of all documents related to your Deals, your Contacts or to a Company. Click on the document to see exactly how long the recipient has spent on each page - are the prices most interesting or perhaps the terms?

If your recipient does not do anything with the document, you can choose to have automatic reminders that smoothly put the deal forward without having to do anything. GetAccept keeps track of you!


Install GetAccept to your Pipedrive CRM

1. Add GetAccept Chrome extension (you need to have Google Chrome as your browser) or install from the Pipedrive Marketplace

2. The integration will be activated when you are logged in to Pipedrive.

3. Click the GetAccept icon, in your browser, in the upper right corner of your browser and use your GetAccept login details to log in - or create a free test account.  

4. When you are in a Contact, a Corporate Card or a Deal you will see the GetAccept panel on the right. This is where you can send new or follow your previous mailings.

5. Select the recipient from your contact card or use the search function. Choose what role the recipient should have (signer or recipient) and then decide whether to use a template or upload a document. Don't forget to add your video (personal, pre-recorded) or record a new one using the GetAccept app. Then click send!

6. The document's status will appear in Pipedrive and the recipient's activities will appear in your timeline. You will be able to see how long the recipient has looked at each page of the document by clicking on the sent document.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want a demo of the integration!


Key Values from the integration

Track Your Documents

Get all your documents in one place with all the analytics on who reads what. Always have the right timing with the right person! 


Stand Out

Stand out and be different by communicating with modern channels. Record personal videos and chat about the documents in the live chat. 

Close More Deals

Make it easier for your customers to say yes to your offer by using our intelligent and secure E-Signaures. Both you and your client get your documents saved and sent to you instantly. 

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