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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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GetAccept for SuperOffice

Share, personalize, and track the performance of your sales content with the GetAccept Digital Sales Room. And get your deals signed faster without leaving SuperOffice.

One-stop solution to increase sales velocity and close more deals

GetAccept lives within SuperOffice CRM via a web panel on both the company and sales cards. This allows sales reps to build, send and track proposals, and accelerate deals with advanced sales engagement and e-Signature features all without leaving SuperOffice. 

icon increased engagement


Increase in buyer and customer engagement when sending documents and proposals with personalized videos

icon shorter sales cycle


Shorter sales cycles when using electronic signatures

icon increased hitrate


Increased hit rate to closed deal


Track engagement and status of sent documents

Optimize the timing of your outreach by monitoring how buyers interact with your documents. Gain a 360 view of the performance of all documents sent from SuperOffice – status of the documents, time spent on each page, and detailed chat history. 


Never miss a beat by receiving live status updates directly in your inbox or via the GetAccept mobile app.


Auto-populate CRM data directly into your documents

Save time in the document creation process by automatically embedding SuperOffice data within your GetAccept Templates using dynamic merge tags. 

Modify and update your proposals even after sending them. So both you and your customers won’t be bothered by outdated information and multiple versions.


Add your personal touch to every sales interaction

Build trust and rapport with buyers by adding personalized videos to your send-outs within SuperOffice. 

Choose the best email messaging from pre-made templates, schedule automated reminders, and engage in real-time chat with your buyers to keep the momentum up.


Identify new hidden stakeholders

Gain insight into all the players involved in the decision-making process to optimize your sales process and forecasting.

Get notified when your buyers forward the documents you sent to others. Monitor the number of unique viewers who have interacted with your document and the time they spent on each page. 



Request and collect electronic signatures fast

Customize the signing order based on the actual approval flow of your buyers. And get your documents signed with our legally binding e-Signatures. We support BankID, MitID, or equivalent in all Nordic countries.

Content creation from one place

Content creation from
one  centralized place

Build, store, and share your branded send-outs straight from SuperOffice. Let it be dynamic videos, meeting summary notes, sales decks, pricing tables, and any PDFs you have. 

Instead of juggling among emails, slacks, and google drives, work from a single platform to improve your team’s productivity.

Would you like to see our SuperOffice Integration?

GetAccept is with you all the way! Understanding where you are in your digital transformation is the first step. Contact us to book a demo and we will find a solution together!

Who uses the GetAccept
integration for SuperOffice?

Sales reps

Sales Reps

Sales Reps use GetAccept for SuperOffice to engage buyers in new ways, stand out from the competition, and ultimately close more deals. GetAccept for SuperOffice helps reps to easily craft compelling sales sendouts by combining assets like proposals, custom videos, case studies and meeting notes in a personalized and highly-interactive manner.


Sales leaders

Sales Leaders

Boost the productivity of your sales team and reduce unnecessary sales administration by implementing sales processes and workflows directly in SuperOffice. Optimize pipeline management and forecasting, and gain insights into sales performance by tracking sent contracts and deal status. Help your reps engage buyers and shorten their sales cycles in a modern and personalized way.


Marketing Teams

Build and manage a library of company-approved, branded templates and content to arm your sales team. Remove and add content to ensure your sales collateral is always up to date and the correct material is sent out. Promote the distribution of new marketing-produced assets and track your sales team’s usage of these assets. Better understand which templates are and aren’t being used to help direct content creation and adoption for future assets.

g2 stars 5

“GetAccept has been the tool that has helped us to work with sales through the pandemic and still get in touch with our customers when both salespeople and customers have been working from home.”

Henning Nilsen, Marketing Manager @ Nordic WaterLogic 
g2 stars 5

“With GetAccept, we now have full control over issued proposals and agreements. We’re able to see the status during all processes and to automatically remind our potential customers if the signature is not in place.”

Olav Tuelo Johannesen,
Teamleder IT @ ABAX AS
g2 stars 5

“SuperOffice uses GetAccept and also recommends GetAccept as a platform to other companies that want to become more efficient and professional through the use of digital tools. Both the decision time is shortened and the signing process itself takes significantly less time."

Henning Kind Petersen,
Salgsdirektør @ SuperOffice AS


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