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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Harness the power of GetAccept without leaving HubSpot.
Enhance your HubSpot sales experience with the top Digital Sales Room tool.

How does the GetAccept
integration for HubSpot work?

GetAccept is embedded inside the HubSpot environment via a Chrome Extension, allowing sales reps to leverage advanced sales engagement and eSignature features without leaving their CRM environment. GetAccept can be accessed under a deal, contact or company record, creating a full-service solution to shorten your deal cycle and increase your win rate.

icon increased engagement


Increase in buyer and customer engagement when sending documents and proposals with personalized videos

icon shorter sales cycle


Shorter sales cycles when using electronic signatures

icon increased hitrate


Increased hit rate to closed deal

Personalize your sales interactions

Personalize your sales interactions

Record a personalized video within HubSpot or upload a pre-recorded video to accompany your sales sendout and build trust with your prospects and customers.  


Sales reps can create and send personalized videos straight from their HubSpot environment through either a deal, contact, or company record.  


Turn on automated reminders or start a  chat to spark a conversation in real-time when your buyer is engaged and ready to make a decision.

Track document progress and buyer engagement

Track document progress and buyer engagement

See how prospects interact with your proposals in real-time so you can time your outreach more effectively.


With GetAccept Analytics, you can see how many times a document has been opened, the total time spent reviewing a document and breakdowns by page, chat history and an event log.


Receive live status updates in your inbox, the GetAccept mobile app, or in a HubSpot record or activity timeline.

Identify hidden stakeholders

Identify hidden stakeholders

Track forwarded documents and uncover new stakeholders.


With GetAccept, you can see how many unique viewers have looked at a document and for how long.


Understand all parties involved in the decision-making process and optimize your sales outreach, talk track, and pipeline management.

Secure electronic signatures

Secure electronic signatures

Close all deals easily with a one-click, legally-binding eSignature.


Send any document for electronic signature straight from our HubSpot integration, and when the signature is completed, automatically send the signed copy back to your HubSpot CRM for storage.

Create and send content in a single environment

Create and send content in a single environment

Easily combine dynamic video content with case studies, sales decks, meeting links, tables and more into your proposal templates.

Store all relevant sales collateral in HubSpot for quick and easy access so you can work from a single environment, save more time on admin, and spend more time selling.

Populate CRM data directly into your quotes and proposals

Populate CRM data directly into your quotes and proposals

Auto-populate your CRM data into GetAccept or Google Suite templates using merge tags.  Embed your HubSpot data seamlessly within the GetAccept editor template and  automate the document creation process, even for complex quotations.  


Auto-fill your HubSpot product details such as product type, quantity, and price into an editable pricing table.  


Need to update or modify your sent proposal or quote?  Simply make the edits from HubSpot, save, and the outdated proposal or quote will expire and a new version will be sent to your buyer.

Automate your sales workflows

Automate your sales workflows

Level up your sales automation by triggering HubSpot workflows based on activity in GetAccept documents.

Trigger a personalized email campaign from HubSpot after a document has been opened, reviewed or signed.

Automatically update a customer lifecycle stage based on activity inside a document, or add a HubSpot task on a contact or deal after a contract is e-signed.

Would you like to see the HubSpot + GetAccept Integration?

GetAccept is with you all the way! Understanding where you are in your digital transformation is the first step. Contact us to book a demo and we will find a solution together!

Who uses the GetAccept
integration for Hubspot?

GetAccept integration with Hubspot CRM - for sales teams

Sales teams

Efficiently craft and send compelling sales assets, proposals, and agreements in a highly interactive and personalized way,  engaging buyers from your first sales interaction all the way to an e-signed contract.

Track document engagement and activity in real-time to follow up with buyers when they are ready to buy, and identify hidden stakeholders in the decision-making process.

GetAccept Hubspot integration: Marketing teams use GetAccept

Marketing teams

Equip your sales team with a centralized library of on-brand, marketing-approved templates and assets your reps can access and send straight from Hubspot. Facilitate and increase document standardization and adoption while tracking the usage of these assets by your sales team. Gain insights on how templates are and aren’t being used to optimize future content creation and adoption.

GetAccept and Hubspot: Sales and revenue operations

Sales and revenue operations

Reduce maintenance overhead and increase sales productivity by implementing streamlined sales processes and workflows directly in Hubspot.

Set up the foundation for an aligned internal machinery through the creation of a centralized hub for sales assets and insights into rep performance and insights on sales pipeline.

g2 stars 5

“When GetAccept was introduced to us we immediately were drawn to its ability to effortlessly integrate into our HubSpot CRM system”

Derek Fish, Digital Theatre

April 15, 2021

g2 stars 5

“The integration with HubSpot was easy to set up and use right away, as well as setting up templates and custom fields, getting our team up and running with the tool quickly.”

Yassmin Khalifa

May 12, 2021

g2 stars 5

“We get all our deals signed via GetAccept and Swedish BankID. Great integration with HubSpot makes it really easy to keep track of the sales process”

Magnus Hellmalm

June 28, 2021

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