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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Digital Sales Room

Create a secure shared space for your business dialogues. Share content, collaborate and negotiate with relevant stakeholders for a more engaging and personalized digital selling experience. Simplify your sales process with a tailor-made and trackable journey.

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What can a Digital Sales Room do for me?


Sales Leader

GetAccept helps you ensure your sales team puts their best foot forward when engaging with buyers. As a sales leader, you can use GetAccept to:

Increase visibility into deal progress and performance

Reduce the number of tools in your sales tech stack

Create a single source for sales enablement collateral

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Account Executive

GetAccept’s Digital Sales Room makes it easy to curate a high-quality buyer experience uniquely tailored to your buyer. As an Account Executive, you can use GetAccept to:

Decrease your time-to-close by automating key sales interactions

Communicate with buyers in a centralized location

Get creative with personalized videos and engagement features

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Sales Operations Professional

Sales operations experts can use GetAccept to streamline flows of information and data between AEs, sales team leaders, and buyers. Sales ops professionals can use a Digital Sales Room to:

Improve operational efficiency through a structured sales process

Ensure data integrity across CRM, pricing, and other sales tech tools

Automate time-consuming pricing and quoting processes

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Buyer experience quality interactions

Build an online selling experience

Forget lengthy and confusing email threads. Sell as you are and create in-person engagement with your prospects through quality interactions via personalized videos, in real time chat messages and automated SMS.

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Adding members to digital sales room

Reveal all stakeholders in a deal

Don’t rely only on internal champions; let your prospects invite all relevant stakeholders in the digital sales room so you can negotiate in real time and move the deal forward without any hassle. Welcome to account based selling 2.0.

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g2 stars 5

“With GetAccept I can now use one tool to deliver an amazing buying experience for my customers. I share content such as presentations, meeting notes, and customer reviews into the digital salesroom, and their built-in editor and template database makes it easy to deliver stunning proposals and contracts which can be electronically signed.”

Jesper C, Business- Controller and Project manager

Feb 17, 2022

g2 stars 5

“The digital deal room concept is new to us but I like the possibility of customizing one unique experience for each prospect, the one link experience where I can gather all content makes it so much easier to get the deal done (no more email threads and scattered content).”

Johan K, Site Assessment Project Engineer

Feb 23, 2022

content distribution

Collaborative content distribution

Share engaging content with multiple decision makers. Allow prospects to upload their own documents to the digital sales room to make it easy for all involved stakeholders to consume important content as the deal progresses through the different stages.

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GetAccept Digital Sales Room image - content engagement metrics

Content engagement metrics

Get actionable insights on your content. Do video presentations grab attention? What part of your proposal is too complicated? Which stakeholder is disengaged? Have your marketing team updated on which content sells and which doesn’t to become a top performer.

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always up to date

Always up-to-date

Have you ever been on a call with stakeholders, only to notice they were looking at an outdated proposal because they had missed your last email? With digital sales rooms, keep one version of your content, always updated and prospects notified of changes.

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Streamline your sales process!
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