How to choose the best proposal software

Mathias Thulin

Mathias Thulin

Nov 23, 2023


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How to choose the best proposal software

With so many tools out there, how can you decide which software is the best for your sales proposals?

This article outlines how to choose the best sales proposal software for your team. We also look at some of the key providers on the market, including our own document generation software here at GetAccept.

What is proposal software? 

Proposal software isn't just a tool; it's a practical powerhouse designed to make the process of closing deals smoother and smarter.

Think of it as your revenue team's collaborative hub. No more back-and-forth emails or disjointed efforts. With proposal software, everyone works together in real-time. It's like a shared canvas where your team can create professional and effective proposals.

The software comes packed with handy features. Templates save you from reinventing the wheel every time. Collaboration tools ensure everyone's on the same page, working together seamlessly. There's a content library, too, storing the content you use all the time, making the whole process faster.

But it's not just about creating proposals; it's about making them work. 

A good document generation software solution can sync up with your CRM system, pulling in client info effortlessly. And it's not shy about feedback – tracking engagement and giving you insights to refine your approach.

In the ever-changing business game, proposal software isn't a luxury – it's a necessity. It's the tool that helps your team deliver proposals that stand out, making sure you're not just in the race but leading it.

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What to look out for when choosing a proposal software solution

Before researching proposal software or tools, ask yourself where you have the biggest pain in your proposal process.

Maybe you have to create very complex proposals and waste a lot of time there, so your team would benefit from an improved way of building proposals.

Or maybe it’s the other way around: instead of creating proposals, you want to improve how you manage and optimize your proposal content.

Fortunately, the best proposal software typically helps you with two things:

  • Proposal creation
  • Proposal management

Proposal creation

With digital proposal tools, you can collect important assets, outline the scope of work, and create timelines to amaze your prospects. Online proposal creation software typically covers two aspects of the creation process:

  • Design and content: Many online proposal tools let you create proposals from scratch. If your team doesn’t have that bandwidth, don’t worry. Many tools let you choose and customize a proposal template, reusing pieces of previous proposals from a content library.

    Think about what type of tool you want. Does it have a drag-and-drop interface to add sections and embed interactive content such as video, maps, and dashboards to your document?

    Features like these will shorten your creation time, ensure consistency across your documents, and help you stand out from the competition with beautiful sales proposals.

  • Collaboration and teamwork: Consider how your team communicates when proposing a proposal. Do you prefer to restrict access to master templates? Or do you have a strict version control system to prevent errors?

    Depending on your team’s size and work style, you may need a system where you can set up roles and assign permissions, including what access team members have to each section of the proposal and tracking changes with version history. Comment features are also common and make real-time collaboration within your team easier.

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Proposal management

Once the proposal creation process is over, it’s time to send your proposal to your prospect and, hopefully, close the deal. The best proposal software solution is one that helps you with several aspects of this part of your sales process, including:

  • Document tracking and analytics: Discover what happens after you send your business proposals with real-time notifications and comprehensive document analytics on document opens, views, and how much time your recipients spend on every page within the document.  This accelerates your sales cycle, enables you to hit perfect timing with follow-ups, and helps you to improve your collateral.

  • Engagement: With the ability to attach personalized videos, have a live chat directly on the document, provide click-to-call opportunities, remind the recipients with SMS, and use remarketing ads, proposal software significantly increases sales engagement.

  • Approval workflows and e-signature: Include approval workflows within your and your customer’s organization to review and approve your document. Get your sales proposals signed much faster, typically within 1 or 2 days, with legally binding electronic signatures captured online from any device.

  • Performance and reporting: A centralized dashboard and advanced reporting give you an overview of your sales document pipeline and help you focus on the important deals to get them signed electronically.

    Reporting enables you to manage team performance by closely monitoring the number of closed deals, revenue generated, and time to close.

Today, most of the solutions in the marketplace focus heavily on the proposal creation part. They provide extensive editors with all the creative functionality you need to create great content.

However, you might be totally happy with how you create your proposals today. Maybe your documents aren’t that complex, or you like the tool you have today very much and don’t have any issues.

Some proposal software, including GetAccept, lets you keep designing and creating your proposal with an external tool and completely focus on managing your proposals. This ensures you get the highest sales engagement and close rate.

If you’re happy with your creative process but want to improve proposal management, look for specific proposal management software.

Need a proposal software integration for your CRM?

It may be that you’re not looking for a standalone solution but one that can integrate well with your CRM. After all, integration with a CRM such as Salesforce can save your reps a ton of time and create a more streamlined selling experience. 

When evaluating a proposal tool’s CRM integrations, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you send your proposals directly from your CRM?
  • Can sales reps easily populate proposals with customer data?
  • Can you track the progress of your proposal inside your CRM?
    Do some research and make sure the proposal software you’re evaluating integrates seamlessly with your CRM.

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The 5 best proposal software for 2024

Now that we’ve looked at what you should be thinking about when considering a provider, let’s look at 5 of the best on the market right now, according to G2 crowd's Proposal Software category.


Best proposal software 2024 PandaDoc

PandaDoc offers businesses a platform to streamline document creation and approval. With a focus on efficient proposal management, PandaDoc provides features for seamless document collaboration and electronic signatures.

Positioned as a solution to enhance workflow and productivity, businesses exploring proposal software options may find PandaDoc's features aligning with their needs for effective document management. 

Key features and functionality:

  • Collaborative document creation 
  • Electronic signatures
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Custom branding
  • API integrations

Pricing: From $19 per month.

Free trial? Yes.


Best proposal software GetAccept

Up next, it's us!

GetAccept is a digital sales room software that helps sales teams eliminate bottlenecks and streamline sales processes. Our all-in-one digital sales room consolidates your tech stack while helping boost win rates. And it does this by making collaboration between buyers and sellers easier. 

Our proposal software solution provides a user-friendly interface for creating, sharing, and tracking sales documents. With a focus on improving communication and efficiency, we enable users to collaborate in real time, enhancing team productivity. 

A notable feature is our e-signature functionality, facilitating the seamless signing of documents, which expedites the closing of deals. GetAccept's tracking capabilities offer insights into recipient engagement, allowing sales teams to make informed decisions based on real-time data. 

Key features and functionality:

  • Digital Sales Room (Deal Room and Contract Room)
  • Proposal and contract management
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document tracking and analytics
  • Sales content management
  • Mutual action plans
  • Buyer engagement
  • Custom branded proposals
  • 500+ integrations

Pricing: Starts at $15.00.

Free trial? Yes.


Start wowing buyers and hitting quotas now


Best proposal software Loopio.png

Loopio is a Request for Proposal (RFP) software designed to streamline and enhance the proposal management process. It offers a user-friendly platform for efficient collaboration, content creation, and proposal management. The software features a dynamic content library, ensuring consistency across proposals, and leverages intelligent response automation for quick and personalized content suggestions. 

Loopio's real-time collaboration tools enable teams to work seamlessly from different locations. With its innovative approach, Loopio accelerates response times and empowers organizations to create high-quality proposals efficiently.

Key features and functionality:

  • Content library management
  • Collaborative creation 
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Custom branding
  • Requests for quotes (RFQs)
  • Due diligence questionnaires (DDQs)
  • Security questionnaires (SQs)
  • API integrations

Pricing: Custom quotes.

Free trial? No.


Best proposal software Relayto.png

RELAYTO positions itself as a no-code document experience platform with an emphasis on personalized and interactive web content. This innovative solution empowers sales teams to customize their sales materials for individual prospects, cultivating more engaging and impactful buying experiences contribute to sales success. 

Additionally, the platform aids B2B marketers in amplifying lead generation efforts by converting mundane static documents into compelling interactive presentations and web pages.

Key features and functionality:

  • Collaborative content hubs
  • AI-powered, personalized, and interactive content creation
  • Dynamic content updates and tracking
  • 500+ integrations
  • Integrated meeting scheduler
  • Real-time engagement analytics

Pricing: From $80 per month.

Free trial? Yes.

Best proposal software

DealHub is a complete quote-to-revenue software designed to streamline and optimize sales processes. The Revenue Hub helps sales leaders manage their teams, sales workflows, and pipelines more efficiently. With its more complex features, DealHub targets mid-market and enterprise leaders and has everything in one place to drive sales processes faster.

With CPQ, CLM, Billing, and Subscription Management solutions powered by an intuitive sales playbook, teams can issue proposals, close deals, manage contracts, and automate their subscriptions and billing from one unified location.

Key features and functionality:

  • Electronic Signatures
  • Document Generation
  • Buyer Engagement
  • Deal room
  • Advanced data analytics
  • CRM Integrations
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Subscription Management

Pricing: Custom quotes.

Free trial? No.

In a nutshell

Choosing the perfect proposal software is all about identifying your needs and picking a provider to meet them.

We've covered the essentials, from demystifying proposal software features to sharing tips on choosing a provider that aligns with your goals.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a startup, we hope this helps you to start making an informed buying decision.

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