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Scott Winstanley - Head of Marketing & Sales Enablement

“How can I make their lives easier and where can I save time? We use GetAccept. It has a native, seamless integration with Salesforce.”

Scott Winstanley

Head of Marketing & Sales Enablement

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GetAccept helps DivideBuy to create a more efficient contract creation and management process. From simplifying how reps create contracts to automating flows for approval and status updates, the entire process has been optimized.

DivideBuy is a retail finance provider that partners with UK merchants to offer their customers interest-free and interest-bearing credit. In 2023, the company was acquired by Zopa, which is FSCS-backed. 


  1. Have an easier and faster way to generate and send out contracts. 
  2. Create a more efficient and optimized sales process.
  3. Configure Salesforce to use GetAccept data for their central reporting.


  • Automation flows mean records can be automatically updated, and GetAccept data can be pulled directly into Salesforce reports. 
  • A significantly more efficient proposal creation process – directly from within Salesforce – thanks to the auto-population of fields.
  • 80% reduction in proposal creation time, leading to a time-saving of up to 20 hours per month.
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CRM level-up

“How can I make their lives easier, and where can I save time? We use GetAccept. It has a native, seamless integration with Salesforce.”

By integrating GetAccept into Salesforce, DivideBuy has leveled up the CRM experience for reps.

One of the key goals for Scott was to create efficiencies along the entire deal cycle.

This required him to consider every part of their process, including: risk requirements, onboarding team requirements, reps’ needs, marketing, and everyone else involved from start to finish.

He needed a solution that would make their lives easier and save time. 

With GetAccept’s native Salesforce integration, Scott has managed to tick off all of these boxes: 

  • When creating contracts, fields are now automatically populated with Salesforce data, meaning that the manual element of proposal creation is removed.

  • This data flow also works in the opposite way, with Salesforce configured to pull GetAccept custom object data back into Opportunity records (e.g., conversion rates, time to sign, etc.). This means that the CRM remains the single source of truth, and GetAccept data can be used alongside Salesforce data in the company's central reporting.

  • Before sending contracts, reps often require approval from the Risk and Finance departments. This process is now handled automatically with validation rules set up to remove the need for reps to manually carry out the approval flow.

  • Throughout the entire proposal process, Salesforce records are automatically updated by flows working in the background. For example, Opportunity stage and custom fields change depending on what part of the process a GetAccept contract is in (i.e., approved, sent, signed, closed/won, or going through other key stages). 
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Hours saved

20 hrs

saved per month

80 %

reduction in proposal creation time

“You’re basically clicking one button, picking the contract, previewing it just to double-check the details, and hitting send. Everything else is automated after that.”

Before GetAccept, it could take reps up to 30 minutes to create a contract. This was the result of tedious tasks like copying and pasting details from elsewhere and cross-checking different fields. 

Since implementation – and our help with fast-tracking their administrative processes in Salesforce – most of this manual work has been eradicated. 

As a result, Scott and his team have seen an 80% reduction in the time it takes to create a proposal. The amount of contracts the team can send per week equates to up to 20 hours of time saved per month

In addition to the time saved, Scott appreciates that our integration allows reps to easily create clear and digestible contracts for the receiver. Marketing also has control over styling, which ensures that proposal templates – and any additional documents available in the content library – fall within brand guidelines. 


“When you’re in my position, a tool’s a tool, but you also need that support.” 

One of the key selling points of GetAccept is the support that Scott receives from us. Requiring a complex setup, it was important that their chosen provider was able to troubleshoot with them and be responsive to their needs. 

Alongside our Customer Success team, Scott has been able to present his problems and find answers to questions like: How do we automate? How do we minimize risk? And how do we report on what we’re doing?

We can help you reach your targets. Let us show you how.