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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Chargebee Customer Case

How Chargebee Transformed Their Sales Process

Germain Brion - Picture

"We were looking for a solution to allow us to use videos to engage prospects, send trackable sales materials, forward proposals, and gather signatures on contracts all within our CRM. GetAccept was the answer. "

Germain Brion

SVP Corporate Strategy, Chargebee

The Challenge

The main challenge that Chargebee experienced was that their sales reps spent a lot of time creating and manually following up on proposals. It was also difficult to create unique sales collateral to stand out against other subscription billing providers and to communicate their solutions to their potential customers in a modern way. All sales nurturing was being done via email and web conferences which wasn't a key differentiator when comparing to other providers.

The Solution

By creating and sending their proposals from within their CRM, Chargebee could minimize distractions for the sales team by keeping in their workflow of choice. They also found comfort in knowing that 100% of their deals were being followed up on with automatic reminders. With video and chat, their team was able to communicate their value in a unique way, which helped them add a human element to their customer journey.

The Result

Sales Reps
Since Chargebee introduced GetAccept to its team, reps have found more enjoyment and success in their sales efforts. Reps are able to merge data from records, avoiding double data entry, and they can make enhancements to the design of their proposals via the Google Docs integration. All without ever leaving their CRM.

Once the sendouts are delivered, reps and management can prioritize deals based on trackable engagement metrics, like time spent on key document pages, whether it is forwarded to other stakeholders, downloaded, printed, etc.

Their reps also avoid the painstaking back and forth in the redlining process with the GetAccept live editing feature. When terms are finally agreed upon, the signed agreements are returned seamlessly into their CRM.

Sales Management
Has enjoyed viewing how reps are communicating with prospects to further tailor sales efforts based on the individual behaviors of high achievers. The approval workflows they have set up in their templates have been vital to ensure errors are avoided before terms are sent to prospects. Furthermore, video and chat reminders have also added further levers reps can utilize when opportunities go "silent" on them.

Sales Operations
Has also enjoyed the time and capital savings of not needing to buy multiple tools for sales enablement, video, proposals, contract management, and e-signatures. GetAccept has helped them consolidate all of these, while also being able to communicate to their CRM.

Customer Success
After the success seen in sales, GetAccept is now being used by their customer success team to facilitate trainings via video, conduct quarterly business reviews, and assist with renewal and upsell opportunities with contract management.

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Quick facts

Who: Germain Brion, SVP Corporate Strategy

Industry: Software (SaaS)

Favorite functions:

  • Integration with CRM
  • Personal video and chat
  • Automated reminders
  • End to end use case for deal management

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Chargebee's 3 best tips for increased sales:

1. Increase the amount of personalized touch points in the deal process beyond sending another email.

2. Take time to make the proposal speak to the personal circumstances of the prospect.

3. Streamline as much of your process as possible so you can focus on acquiring new customers.

Germain Brion

SVP Corporate Strategy at Chargebee