Enhance your sales enablement process with Pipedrive for Gmail

Apr 27, 2020

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Enhance Sales Enablement Processes with Pipedrive for Gmail

If you’re already a Pipedrive user you may have seen their new feature which allows you to install Pipedrive to your Gmail account.

If you’re not a Pipedrive user and still deciding on which CRM to use - this feature should not be overlooked!

The best sales enablement tools will allow you to save time and have exceptional ease in functionality. With Pipedrive’s new Gmail feature it achieves just that.

Enhance Your sales enablement process (2)

What is it exactly?

Before, users of Pipedrive would have to toggle back and forth between their Gmail accounts and Pipedrive tabs in order to respond to emails and update deals. Now, you can reply to your emails with the most important information from your CRM without changing tabs. This extension is also unlike others because it works in any internet browser (that’s right, it doesn’t need to be a Chrome browser to work).

How does this help?

For any sales enablement team it’s important to save time any way you can. Most of us are also guilty of having one too many tabs open at a given time, so having the Pipedrive extension live in your Gmail will help eliminate at least one. Not having to switch back and forth between your email and CRM will probably save you more time than you think and it will enhance your flow. Having your deals right there in the sidebar helps encourage good hygiene and will ensure that you don’t forget to make any important updates. You can easily update deal status activities while you’re emailing and be able to reference past conversations and see any other necessary information. Before, Pipedrive users also had to manually forward emails into Pipedrive, but with the sidebar you can link emails directly to the contact or deal. It doesn’t stop there, you can also insert a link for your recipients to book meetings that will automatically sync to your calendar.

Where can I find it?

You can find more information about Pipedrive and their Gmail add-on here.

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