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Deal Room software comes with features designed to help you transform your selling process, empower your reps, and captivate your buyers. In this section, we take a look at 6 customer favourites, from time-saving templates and automations to tracking and analytics that will be your sixth sense for closing deals.

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Content library

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Mutal action plans (MAPs)

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Tracking and analytics

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In-room chat and comments

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Create document templates for different sales processes and use the content library to organize collateral that pushes deals forward.

Sales process templates

Moving away from static PDFs to dynamic, easily customizable Deal Rooms is a surefire way to boost efficiency in your sales processes and shorten your sales cycles. 

Starting from scratch, or beginning with a template, rev ops managers and marketing teams can work together to create a collection of on-brand, ready-to-use Deal Room templates for sales reps. They can be created for each buyer tier or buying stage, for example. 

This means that when a rep is ready to kick off a deal, they simply select the relevant template, add any personalization elements, and tailor it to fit the specifics of the opportunity.

Thanks to features like Placeholders, admins can indicate what kind of content needs to be shared in a particular place, while still giving reps the freedom and creative license to make decisions based on each deal. 

If you're working with our CRM integration (e.g. for Salesforce), merge tags can be included in the templates so that pre-specified data fields are automatically populated with opportunity data, once again personalizing the room for a specific customer, saving a lot of time, narrowing the margins for error.

Sales Content Management

Sales content management

Think about all the content that a rep sends across the lifetime of a deal: emails, links, explainer videos, pricing information, case studies, ebooks, slide decks, contact information, terms and conditions, etc. etc. The list goes on and on, and it's a whole lot to keep track of.

Deal Room software is the pain relief you need for this problem, providing you with content libraries that seriously structure and simplify processes for departments across the organization. 

For marketing and rev ops, it means that you have full control over the content available for the sales team to share in their Deal Rooms. 

As for reps, there's no question about where you can find the right collateral, for the right buyers, and share it at the best time in the sales process. Ultimately, the Deal Room offers them a way to create a space tailored for a specific prospect's needs in minutes.

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Mutual actions plans (MAPs)

We can all relate to sitting in a great meeting, brilliant ideas and promises abounding, only for the ball to be dropped the moment the meeting ends. The good news is that you can easily avoid this happening in your sales processes by using mutual action plans.

Designed to be a shared space for creating commitment between buyer and seller, MAPs provide a clear overview of what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and when it should be finished. The result: accountability, action, and speed in your sales process.

For integration users, GetAccept Deal Room MAPs are seamlessly integrated into your CRM. This means that existing dashboards and reports are enriched with data (milestones, tasks, users assigned, etc.) to give you the most accurate overview of your team's progression towards their goals.


"The analytics are a great strength. When we sent PDFs, we had no idea who was opening them. I would never know who was the warmest, or who took the time to look at the information."

Simon Hurtig

Project Leader at Visit Linköping

Tracking and analytics

You've spent a lot of time prospecting, writing emails, and pulling together content, only to have no idea whatsoever if the buyer has read or even received it. 

Imagine if you could do all of that and more; like understanding which bits of content your prospect spent the most time reading or additional stakeholders that they've forwarded the Deal Room on to.

You guessed it: That's all possible with Deal Room software like GetAccept. 

For reps, Deal Room analytics data is like a sixth sense for speeding up the sales cycle. You can keep a tight watch on latest activity to make sure that you're responding to your buyers quickly or roping in additional stakeholders that you weren't initially aware of.

And if you're sending Deal Rooms cold, like Visit Linköping, you can instantly identify your hottest cold leads.

For sales leaders, Deal Room analytics give you insights into your top performers, the number of active deals currently in the pipe, how many have fallen into the 'Valley of Death', and ultimately where you and your team need to focus your attention.




Engage your buyers and build stronger relationships with features like personalized videos, in-room chat, document commenting, and MAPs.

In-room chat and comments

Being successful in sales is increasingly linked to building strong relationships with your buyers. And relationships rely on communication something that Deal Rooms are designed to make even simpler and more effective. 

With in-room chat, you can communicate in real-time with your buyers about the details in a Deal Room. This helps to keep all deal-related communications in one place, removing the burden of having to keep track of multiple email chains and messages.

It's also brilliant for making sure that any new stakeholder entering the Deal Room can instantly access and get up-to-date with all of the discussions surrounding the deal. 

As for our commenting feature, this is the perfect way to allow your buyers to comment directly on the material you send them and for you to guide the right stakeholder to the right content. This helps to create absolute clarity in your discussions from the get-go, making it easier to get the info and alignment you need to progress a deal.

Sales Engagement Hero


Automations help you to scale up your sales process, reducing the time it takes to get from one step to the next. They also help to cut back on time-consuming administrative tasks, increasing efficiency for reps and significantly reducing the room for admin errors.

With GetAccept Deal Room software, there are 4 main ways that automations can help you to get work done — faster:

  1. Follow-ups, like pushing automated documents and notifications.
  2. Custom-triggers, which pull input data from business inquiry forms (like your 'Book a Demo' form, for example) directly into your sales documents. 
  3. Auto-send documents, so that they are delivered automatically on completion of a certain action or at a scheduled time. 
  4. Auto-triggering CRM & ERP updates to keep your records accurate and up-to-date, initiate sendouts, populate them with data from your system, and deliver them. 

For integration users, there are even more options. For example, you can use Salesforce flows to automate Deal Room creation between opportunity stages, or choose to have stages updated based on developments in your GetAccept MAPs.  

Ultimately, the sky's the limit. 

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