This is how it all comes together

By now you know what a Deal Room is, you’ve got some use cases, and we’ve explored the key features. Now we've reached the part of this guide where we examine how all of this comes together to deliver tangible, business-boosting benefits.

We'll summarise how the software can help you to bring order to your sales processes, empower you to supercharge your sales velocity, increase your win rates, put your best foot forward, and rev up your RevOps

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Rev up your RevOps

2 .

Boost your sales velocity

3 .

Experience higher win rates

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Create a repeatable sales process

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Outperform your competition



That's the increase SalesScreen saw in their win rate with the help of GetAccept Deal Rooms.

Get your ducks in a row with a repeatable sales process

Revenue leaders and RevOps managers might know the feeling well: You're unsure of how many deals you currently have in the pipe, it's hard to tell which ones are hot, and you're a little bit horrified by the state of the PDF doc your new rep has cobbled together and sent to a prospect. 

Deal Room software is the perfect solution for helping you to tackle all of these concerns. It's your answer to creating a repeatable sales process that turns all of your reps into top performers. This is essential, given that data shows 17% of reps currently generate 81% of revenue. That's far too much reliance on too few sellers, and imagine the payoff when you can have every rep following in the footsteps of your best.

The software allows you to set up, and easily maintain, best-performing sales templates and collateral that your reps can use and tailor with confidence. And the analytics dashboard means you never lose sight of what's happening to the deals in your pipeline. 

Combined with the contracting, quote generation, and e-signature functionality of the full digital sales room experience, Deal Rooms are the answer to bringing sustainable structure, speed, and success to your sales processes. 


Give your sales velocity a boost

The biggest buzzword on the block for a reason, sales velocity refers to how quickly you're moving deals through your pipeline and turning them into revenue. And Deal Room software can help you increase yours in a few key ways.

It offers a cohesive platform where you and your reps can access and organize resources in an efficient way, collaborate effectively, and deliver engaging experiences to your prospects. All of which works together to expedite the sales cycle, drive faster conversions, and ultimately lead to increased revenue growth. 

Which brings us nicely on to our next point.

"This is a way for you to control the narrative. To make sure your reps are sticking to the process, adopting the principles you’ve set, and helping your customers to experience value instead of just product pitching."

Remi Morken

Senior Vice President of Sales at SalesScreen

Experience higher win rates

Investing in Deal Room software is a bit like having a secret weapon to boost your performance in negotiations.

It all comes down to teamwork: By bringing everyone together on one platform, it makes collaborating and sharing information a breeze. Plus, it's like having a window into the deal—everyone can see what's happening in real-time, which builds trust and confidence. 

And the best part? It takes care of the nitty-gritty stuff, like organizing documents, sending automatic notifications, and giving you useful analytics data, so you can focus on sealing the deal.

For our customer SalesScreen, the Deal Room creation process has ramped up their strategy and, as a result, their performance.

Their VP of Sales loves the Deal Room creation process because it helps reps to follow their MEDDPICC practices and provide clear, value-based information to prospects.

This, alongside the analytics insights available to them, means that the company has seen a 100% increase in their win rate since implementation.

One. Hundred. Percent.

Rev-up your revenue operations

The RevOps goal is to align sales, marketing, and customer success with a view to enhancing efficiency, boosting revenue, and creating a great customer experience, right? Then Deal Room software is the sidekick that RevOps might not yet realize they need.

When it comes to team alignment, Deal Room templates and the accompanying content library are the perfect solution for bringing sales and marketing together to create and gather on-brand, up-to-date collateral. 

And we've already talked so much about how Deal Rooms help revenue teams to create efficiencies in their processes. From sales process templates to engagement features like in-document chat and tracking, you've got everything you need to streamline your processes and keep a close eye on the day-to-day running of the sales organization. 

Finally, for customers, there are multiple features of Deal Room software that also make their experience better. Take in-document chat and commenting, for example. Buyers no longer need to switch between PDF, emails, and whatever other forms of communication you once had going. Now, they can do everything directly in the Deal Room you've created. 

And it's so much easier for customers to get additional stakeholders involved in a deal when it takes place in a Deal Room. They simply send a link and can rest safe in the knowledge that their colleague will see all of the same content and messages that they have. It's all just so convenient. 



of revenue leaders report needing to increase their win rates in 2024. A digital sales room can help.

Put your best foot forward and outshine your competition

We've already shared the fact that for 39% of businesses their competition is the leading reason why they're losing deals. And while there are lots of different things a revenue team can do to sharpen their competitive edge, a good place to start is with making yourself stand out in the crowd.

With Deal Room software, you can retire your tired, static PDFs and scattered emails. Instead, you gain the ability to create interactive, engaging sales documents that beautifully present your brand and your offering to your prospects. 

Take Visit Linköping, another one of our customers, for example. Before working with GetAccept, they were sending PDFs to their leads. And this solution wasn't working for them. They were finding it difficult to stand out amongst their competitors and they had no idea who was reading or interacting with the PDFs. 

Cue implementing GetAccept and they're now receiving unsolicited positive feedback from the participants in their Deal Rooms! They can also track who is entering their sales documents and therefore actively and quickly secure the deal before their competition gets a chance. 

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