A CRM is a big investment β€” are you getting the most out of yours?

We found that 60% of businesses are set to spend their revenue budget on sales tools and tech in 2024.

This makes sense because smart, informed investments can turbocharge employee productivity and transform the customer experience.

However, research shows that sales reps are using too many tools to close deals and, as a result, two-thirds of them say that they're overwhelmed. Of course, this isn't good for business, with sellers who feel bogged down by technology 43% less likely to meet their targets than those who don't. 

So, the question is: How can companies invest in tech that will genuinely help their revenue teams without overwhelming reps?

We think that levelling-up your CRM could be the answer. After all, you've already invested significantly in it, and it makes sense to select integrations that will help you to boost your ROI while giving you the tools you need to scale your best processes, increase efficiency, and allow your reps to complete the entire sales process in one place. 

In this section of the guide we look at how integrating Deal Room software into your CRM can give you useful new functionality and boost overall adoption while enabling you to maintain one source of truth

1 .

Bridge the gap between internal operations and the customer experience.

2 .

Level-up you CRM with Deal Room functionality and features.

3 .

Increase CRM adoption and boost your ROI.

4 .

MAPs provide added transparency and accuracy to CRM data.

5 .

Gain a 360-degree view of your sales journey.

6 .

Reduce admin time, leaving room for relationship building.

"Bringing tech, data, and AI together under one customer relationship management (CRM) platform β€” all enabled by gen AI β€” can transform customer experience and turbocharge employee productivity."

Tech-powered growth: Three things growth leaders do differently

McKinsey & Company

Deal Room functionality completes the CRM sales experience

Integrating Deal Room software into the CRM is the perfect solution for effectively bridging the gap between internal operations and the customer experience.

For the best RevOps teams, this is an essential goal because it brings heightened focus to the customer-facing, revenue generating processes that they're working to optimize. And the result? Increased win rates and reduced cycle time, thanks to knowing exactly where to focus efforts and get more deals across the finish line.

With GetAccept's integration, you can tap into the functionality and features of our Deal Room software directly from your CRM. This means that reps can create, share, and track their sales documents without ever leaving Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, or Pipedrive.

Your tech stack? Consolidated

All in all, a Digital Sales Room solution helps to complete the sales experience. It's the buyer engagement interface that takes your CRM beyond the Opportunity workflow, giving you better control over your pipeline and making it easier to engage with your buyer.

It'll also help to increase CRM adoption and boost ROI

We know that the CRM is a huge part of the work revenue teams do. It's where you start and end your day, and it's an important source of information for the whole company. We also know that companies invest a lot of time and resources into their CRM setup and want to see the best possible ROI.

However, many companies experience issues with low CRM adoption and upkeep among reps. Some reasons for this include:

  • Many buying and selling activities are happening outside of the CRM and reps are struggling to juggle too many tools.
  • Some CRM features are too technical and not intuitive to use, which can make it difficult to get reps onboard.
  • There can be a lot of admin work involved in keeping the CRM up to date.

So how can integrating Deal Room software into your CRM help?

  • Rather than conducting deal discussions outside of the CRM, reps can begin and end the sales process entirely within it. This eliminates tech overwhelm and increases simplicity.
  • It brings buyer engagement insights directly into the CRM so that your reps have everything they need to make data-driven decisions about their deals β€” in one place. 
  • With GetAccept, it's easy to get started without technical hurdles. Take our Salesforce integration, for example. It's a native app, which means that it lives entirely within Salesforce and doesn't need to be connected with an API.



of businesses are set to spend their revenue budget on sales tools and tech in 2024.

Gain a 360-degree view of your sales journey

Your CRM is the fount of all buyer information. And that's great. But what's missing is crucial insights into buyer behaviour such as document interactions, stakeholder involvement, and potential roadblocks. 

To achieve this full 360-degree view of your sales journey that will enable you to make more effective decisions, it's vital to look beyond internal CRM activities and integrate external buyer insights. And GetAccept's Deal Room provides this by giving you: 

  • The ability to track whether, and how, buyer's are interacting with your sales documents. 
  • An understanding of whether the buyer's actual engagement is matching the progress status of the deal in your CRM.
  • Insights into which parts of your collateral buyers are spending most time on. This can help you to understand what questions a buyer might have or where the roadblocks are for them.
  • An insight into additional stakeholders who are involved in a deal. E.g. Has your lead forwarded content? And if so, to who? 


MAPs 🀝 CRM for increased performance transparency and forecasting accuracy

It can be tricky for revenue leaders to have full transparency in sales performance and achieve accuracy in pipeline forecasting. 

This can be the result of a few factors, but can include issues like discrepancies between the CRM deal stage and what's actually happening in a deal. Or reps simply forgetting to update records at key milestones.

The good news is that a lot of this can be solved by integrating Deal Room software into your CRM and embracing the enhanced power of mutual action plans:

  • GetAccept mutual action plans become even more valuable when they are linked to your CRM. You get an overview of all active MAPs, and have access to data like milestones, tasks, completion rate, deadlines, and task owners.
  • You can easily set up automations to update the deal stage in your CRM based on the completion of certain milestones in the MAP. 
  • You'll get real-time notifications within the CRM any time that a MAP is updated. This will keep you up-to-date with what's happening in every deal. 
  • You can more accurately forecast your pipeline because you'll have a clearer idea of how many deals are in their final stages.
  • Thanks to the overview of all MAPs and their completion rate, you'll have a better understanding of how deals are progressing. This will let you act proactively on potential roadblocks. For example, if you can see that a lot of deals are getting stuck on Milestone 3, you'll know that your team might need some coaching in this area. 

"We use GetAccept within our existing Salesforce environment to streamline the sales cycles without adding extra admin work for account executives."

Meghan LaMountain

Global Sales Enablement Manager at Cheq

Au revoir, admin overload!

Combining your CRM and your Deal Room software is a good way to significantly reduce the amount of admin tasks reps have to manage when conducting a deal. This frees up time for them to focus on building relationships and pushing deals through to the finish line. 

When integrating to your CRM, information like buyers' data, meeting notes, or next steps (MAPs) are automatically synced between the CRM and the Deal Room. This makes it easier for reps to fill in all required information in one place without the need to manually input the same data twice. 

It works by using GetAccept's document editor with merge tags, allowing your custom CRM data to be embedded into the text, ready formatted, leading to an automated document creation process.

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