Making the decision to move forward

By now, you've delved into the ins and outs of what deal rooms are, explored their myriad use cases, uncovered key features and benefits, and even learned how seamlessly they integrate with your CRM.

But now, you might be wondering, 'Is deal room software the right fit for me and my team?'

It's a valid question, and one that deserves thoughtful consideration. With that said, let's look at a few key factors that indicate you might indeed be ready to take the leap. 

1 .

You're working with more complex deals.

2 .

You need more control over sales collateral and sharing.

3 .

You want to replicate the success of your high performers.

4 .

You're using a CRM.

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We're GetAccept, the brains behind the Digital Sales Room (DSR) platform that's all about helping you to create head-turning, revenue-boosting buying and selling experiences.

You're working with more complex deals

Deal Room software is invaluable for teams navigating the intricacies of complex deals with lots of moving parts. So if your deals are characterized by any of the following factors, Deal Room software could be a great solution for you:

  • Customization requirements. Are you offering highly tailored solutions or products? Do you spend a lot of time exploring the specific pain points of your customers in order to provide the best solution? Deal Room software can help you to navigate intricate specifications and ensure alignment with your buyers' expectations.
  • Multiple stakeholders. Deals involving more than one decision maker often require a lot more extensive coordination and negotiation that a Digital Sales Room environment can help with. 
  • Long sales cycles. Deals that span over a longer period of time, involving multiple touch points and evaluations, can benefit from the organizational elements of the software.
  • Technical complexity. Sales involving advanced technology, intricate systems, or APIs demand a solid method of addressing customer concerns and demonstrating the value proposition effectively.
  • Competitive landscape. In highly competitive markets, sales teams must differentiate their offerings — and Deal Rooms, with all of their personlization features, make it so much easier to do that. Just ask Visit Linköping.
  • High financial stakes. Deals with significant financial implications, such as large investments or long-term contracts, often require meticulous planning and negotiation to mitigate risks and maximize returns.

Good to know


Digital Sales Rooms software as a whole can still be useful even if you're not dealing with complex cases. E.g. You can use our Contract Room module to send proposals and collect e-signatures.

You need a way to control sales collateral, inc. the quality and how it's shared

If you are part of a sales team where you have a lot of content to share with your stakeholders, then Deal Room software can help you to take control of your collateral while still granting reps flexibility. It offers:

  • The ability to create quality sales document templates for every part of your sales process. You know that reps are always beginning their deals in the best possible way, while allowing them the option to tailor the content to each specific buyer. This is now made even easier with functionality like our 'Placeholder' feature.
  • A centralized repository for all of your sales collateral. In the content library, you can store case studies, images, product documentation, and so much more. By organizing content in one location, teams can easily access the latest materials, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all sales interactions.
  • Version control. Deal room software enables version control, ensuring that sales teams are always using the most up-to-date collateral. This prevents the dissemination of outdated or incorrect information, maintaining the quality and relevance of materials.
  • Customization and Personalization: Each Deal Room can be customized and fine-tuned to make the sales documents you send feel like it was made just for that buyer — because it was. This personal touch not only boosts engagement but also amps up your effectiveness, making those connections count where it matters most.

"We use GetAccept within our existing Salesforce environment to streamline the sales cycles without adding extra admin work for account executives."

Meghan LaMountain

Global Sales Enablement Manager at Cheq

You want to replicate and scale the success of your top performers

Research by Ebsta shows that 17% of reps generate 81% of revenue. It's never a good idea to put all of your eggs in so few baskets, so the smart thing to do is figure out a way to replicate this success and arm all of your sellers with the tools to achieve it. 

In many businesses, the best reps are naturally crafting great experiences for their buyers. This could be down to having a knack for building effective sales documents and emails, or choosing the best collateral to share at the right time. 

Deal Ream software allows you to replicate the work of your top performers by building templates for each part of your sales process, incorporating everything you know works well. This then means that every single one of your sellers can be confident in the knowledge that they are set up to succeed every time they begin working on a deal. 

You're using a CRM

We've already explored the benefits of integrating Deal Room software like GetAccept into your CRM. But here's another useful summary of the added value this combination can bring to you and your team:

  • A more streamlined workflow. Imagine having all your sales tools in one place, seamlessly moving from finding leads to sealing the deal. With digital sales room software linked to your CRM, you can say goodbye to juggling between platforms and hello to a smoother workflow.
  • Everything in one place. The Deal Room module acts as a centralized repository for all deal-related information. From documents to chats, it's all there, neatly tied to your CRM records. This gives you a crystal-clear view of each deal's journey, helping you make smarter decisions along the way.
  • Teamwork made easy. Deal Room software creates collaboration between sales team members by enabling them to work together on deals in real-time.  From directly within the CRM, users can leverage features such as document sharing, commenting, and task assignment to coordinate efforts and drive deals forward more efficiently.
  • Increased productivity. Pairing up Deal Room software with CRM systems streamlines administrative tasks, automates repetitive processes, and reduces manual data entry. Instead, your reps can focus their time and energy on value-added activities such as prospecting, relationship-building, and deal strategy, ultimately driving higher productivity and performance.
  • Even better insights. Combine CRM data with deal room analytics, and you've got yourself a goldmine of insights. Suddenly, you can track key metrics such as engagement levels and deal velocity, allowing you to identify trends, optimize strategies, and prioritize high-value opportunities.


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