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Simon Hurtig - Project Leader at Visit Linköping

“We understand the importance of being original and standing out in a crowd. This is the modern way of dealing with customers: being personal in a digital world.”

Simon Hurtig

Project Leader at Visit Linköping

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Visit Linköping are using GetAccept Deal Rooms to send dynamic, personalized proposals to prospects. They also now have access to previously unknown analytics data that helps them to understand which leads are warm, interacting with material, and best to prioritize. 

An event management company based in Sweden, Visit Linköping has extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Working together with a large network of providers, the company creates unique experiences in Linköping for both residents and visitors. 


  1. Replace static PDF proposals with a more dynamic, personalized solution. 
  2. Gain insights into proposals being sent to cold leads, so that it’s easier to identify which opportunities to prioritize.
  3. To use GetAccept as an eSignature solution. 


  1. Personalized Deal Rooms help the company to stand out in a competitive space.
  2. Analytics data means the team can now see which cold leads are opening and interacting with proposals. 
  3. Unsolicited positive feedback from prospects who have received a Deal Room.




Standing out

“You’re basically making a room for each business deal, and I like that because otherwise you’re just sending emails – lots of emails – and you have to keep track of those. But here, it’s a room. Everything’s personal. It’s a place where you meet the customer.”

Before GetAccept, Visit Linköping were sending static PDF proposals to their cold leads and customers. As part of wider company improvements, Simon was tasked with developing the proposal process, and this is where GetAccept Deal Rooms come in. 

Offering a dynamic, interactive solution, our Deal Rooms help the Visit Linköping team to stand out from their competitors. They can quickly create personalized video, and include any relevant information, links, and other content in one place. 

It’s also possible for recipients to comment and use the chat function available in the rooms, making it easy to keep track, and stay on top of, communications. 

Interestingly, Simon has received positive feedback – completely unsolicited! – from 11% of the cold leads he sent Deal Rooms to. Comments include “fun with the different presentation than the usual boring email,” and “super nice and personal presentation. As a marketer, that kind of approach is hugely appreciated!”



New insights

11 %

of leads gave positive – unsolicited! – feedback on the Deal Room

52 %

of cold leads opened a Deal Room

11 %

of the 52% became closed/won deals

“The analytics are a great strength. When we sent PDFs, we had no idea who was opening them. I would never know who was the warmest, or who took the time to look at the information.”

GetAccept’s Deal Room analytics give the Visit Linköping team insights they didn’t have access to before and mean they can work in a more intentional, data-driven way. 

Before implementation it was impossible for Simon and the other project managers to know if cold leads were even opening their emails. Now, using GetAccept Deal Rooms, Simon can see that 52% of recipients are accessing the information. 

This has been valuable for understanding which opportunity is the warmest, and where Simon should focus his attention next. For example, he was able to contact the people who he knew had opened the Deal Room and begin a follow-up conversation about what they had read. 

11% of this group went on to become closed/won deals, and he was also able to establish that 92% of them were positive to make a deal in the near future. 


Simon and the team have been pleased with the support they have received from GetAccept, and it was it was easy for them to get started with Deal Room creation.

To get them up and running quickly, we helped them to transfer their old, static PDF proposals into dynamic GetAccept templates.

Our customer success team has also been available to support onboarding the other project leaders at Visit Linköping, helping to secure user adoption.

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