Deals Rooms are going to change your life

A little hyperbole never hurt anybody, and besides — it's not too far from the truth: Deal Room software has the potential to transform the way you and your sales teams work.

From facilitating centralised content sharing and supercharging your sales progression to giving you previously inaccessible buyer insights, there are so many ways that it will improve your processes and performance.

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Deal Room software is designed to help you get organized, boost your sales velocity, and increase your win rates.

It'll accelerate your sales progression

Sales progression is the crucial process of taking your potential customers from initial interest to making a purchase. It can be a complex journey, involving nurturing leads, addressing buyer concerns, uncovering hidden key decision makers, and ultimately sealing the deal. Without effective sales progression, you risk losing out on valuable opportunities and revenue. 

So where does Deal Room software come into this?

Well, everywhere really. Deal room hero

Streamlining and centralizing the entire sales process, Deal Room software (and digital sales room as a whole) plays a pivotal role in enhancing sales progression and helping entire teams become more strategic when conducting deals. 

It provides a secure digital space where all relevant sales documents, communications, and tasks related to a deal are organized and easily accessible for both buyer and seller. This all means that sales teams can collaborate efficiently, keeping everyone on the same page and accelerating sales velocity as a result. 

Alongside that, Deal Room software like GetAccept has features such as mutual action plans (MAPs), real-time deal analytics, and automated reminders that help to maintain momentum and prevent potential bottlenecks as a deal progresses. 

"This is the modern way of dealing with customers: being personal in a digital world."

Simon Hurtig

Project Leader at Visit Linköping

And give buyer and seller a centralized place for doing deals

A Deal Room is a place where you meet your buyer; a virtual space for you and them to manage the complexities of a deal in a simple way. 

From your perspective as a the seller, it's a way of managing all of the information, collateral, communication, and commitments being shared among multiple stakeholders.

And from the buyer perspective, it's all about being able to understand, in an organized way, what a vendor is offering. It's feeling comfortable, informed, and seeing a clear path towards making a decision. 

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Deal Rooms offer the perfect way to personalize the sales process

There's a whole lot of competition out there, and 39% of revenue leaders say theirs is the leading cause of lost deals. The bad news is that it's probably not going to get easier any time soon; but the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

A key one being to embrace personalization. 

Tailoring the sales process to meet the unique needs and preferences of individual buyers has quickly become essential for creating meaningful connections, building trust, and ultimately driving conversions.  

Deal Room software like GetAccept helps you to bring a personal touch to online selling, providing ample opportunities for reps to make a stand-out impression: 

  • You can record videos directly in each Deal Room to create a personal connection with your buyer. 
  • Share dynamic, interactive, and easy-to-navigate documents tailored perfectly to each buyer. 
  • Chat directly with your buyer in the Deal Room you create for them. 
  • Use our comments feature to focus each stakeholder's attention on the content that matters, have efficient discussions in context, and ultimately make your deal progress smoother.
  • Welcome and chat with additional stakeholders who have been invited to view the Deal Room. 
  • Deal Room analytics data, like understanding which bits of your content buyers are reading and level of engagement, mean you can further personalize your sales approach and tailor future interactions accordingly. 

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You can use them to get to grips with buyer intent

The tracking and deal analytics data available with Deal Room software can open up a whole new dimension of selling.

Take document tracking, for example. With GetAccept, you're able to understand how buyers are interacting with your content. This is useful for understanding what prospects find interesting, confusing, or problematic. 

E.g. Have they whizzed past pricing & plans but repeatedly returned to the integration details? Then you know where your focus should be and how your follow-up discussions should begin. 

You can even tell if they haven't read a piece of content, allowing you to use a feature such as commenting to drive engagement back to where it's needed. 

And with activity monitoring, you'll know when buyers log in, what actions they take, and how frequently they visit the Deal Room. This is useful for highlighting patterns in their behavior, which can provide valuable insights into the level of interest and the stage of their decision-making process.



of revenue leaders say their competition is the leading cause of lost deals. Digital sales room software can help you sharpen your competitive edge.