How to send game-changing proposals in Salesforce

Apr 1, 2021

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How to send game-changing proposals in Salesforce

Engaging prospects and customers is more challenging than ever.  According to CSO insights, the average inside sales rep spends only 33% of their time actively selling.  The rest of their time is spent on administrative tasks such as writing emails, prospecting, entering data, and attending internal meetings.  Given sales reps have a limited direct-selling window, it’s crucial to build relationships with buyers via effective communication done in an engaging and timely manner.

When GetAccept’s Sales Engagement Platform is placed inside of the Salesforce CRM, sales reps are able to optimize their sales workflow through compelling communication tools and activities in a single environment.  

Here’s our formula for the perfect Salesforce Sendout for Sales Reps:

Personalized Video

Recording and sending a personalized video along with your proposal increases buyer and customer engagement by 41%.  GetAccept’s Salesforce integration allows sales reps to create and send personalized videos straight from their Salesforce environment either through the Opportunity, Quote, Contacts or Accounts objects.  


We also support the option to upload pre-recorded videos to a video library for speedy use.  Sending an introduction video to accompany a sales proposal or presentation builds trust with the buyer and makes your outreach stand out against your competition.  

Sales Proposal Templates

Through the use of merge fields, users can easily auto-populate Salesforce data into GetAccept templates before ultimately sending out those sales assets from their Salesforce environment.  We support fetching of data from the primary, parent and child objects. 

Multi-File Sendouts

Sales reps can upload multiple files as documents and/or attachments in their sendouts right from Salesforce.  Ancillary documents and attachments can accompany a primary template.  For example, you can send an NDA out for signature but also include a product presentation, relevant case study, and attachment of the terms and conditions in the same sendout.  

Salesforce Quotes or CPQ+ is a great feature to manage and track various product, price and quantity combinations for a prospect or customer.  If you have Quotes or CPQ+ enabled for your organization, any Quotes you create under an Opportunity and save as a PDF will appear as an option to be included in your sendout for signature or tracking within the integration. 

Contract Workflows

GetAccept’s Contract Management feature allows you to create multi-recipient approval and signing workflows directly from your Salesforce environment.  

Perhaps your Champion and their Finance Manager want to view the proposal before it is ultimately signed by the Decision Maker.  No problem - you can easily set up this automated workflow for your sendouts to save both parties time and energy.

Track Engagement

See when your documents and proposals are opened, viewed and signed by single or multiple recipients in Salesforce.  This empowers you to always be one step ahead of your prospects and enables you to spring into action to engage at the perfect time.  

Looking for even deeper tracking analytics and insights such as the time your prospect spends on each page?  With a single click of the “Open in GetAccept” button, users can get even greater visibility on how buyers interact with the information you send.

How Does the Integration work?

The GetAccept integration for Salesforce is installed directly from the Salesforce AppExchange and can be placed onto the Opportunity, Quote, Contacts or Accounts objects within your lightning environment.  

Sales reps can leverage GetAccept’s sales engagement features without leaving Salesforce, creating a full-service solution to shorten your deal cycle and increase your win rate.

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