The new Salesforce integration is here and we're excited to share it with you!

Sara Cronsioe
April 15, 2020

The list of GetAccept’s native integrations is constantly growing with CRMs and other various platforms to maximize sales effectiveness. With that being said, the updated Salesforce Integration is finally here! Let’s hear what Adam Hjort, our Head of Product, says about the Salesforce integrations and its features. 

A seamless workflow when closing deals
Integrations are a crucial part of the GetAccept offering which gives our clients an efficient and seamless workflow when closing deals. Salesforce, in particular, is the world’s biggest CRM and by releasing this new integration we are taking another step in making GetAccept the platform where every B2B sales happens.

How does the integration work?
The integration is installed directly from the Salesforce AppExchange and can be placed onto any object within your lightning environment. You can merge data into your custom GetAccept template from your Salesforce object (or related objects) to create a fast and seamless experience for your sales representatives and, most importantly, for your customers.

Create dynamic sales collateral directly from Salesforce
You can easily enjoy GetAccept’s features without leaving your Salesforce environment, creating a one-stop-shop to close as many deals as possible. Speed up your sales processes with dynamic templates and utilize GetAccept’s deal scoring to learn best practices and close more sales. You can automatically build personalized offers by merging Salesforce data into your sales assets and even install the GetAccept app on any object within your Salesforce environment. 

Salesforce release - Adam  2

Top 3 Salesforce integrations features 

  • A seamless experience to help close deals faster with specific signing orders, template roles, and automated reminders

  • Additional merge field support allowing you to populate your templates with even more custom data

  • Create custom process workflows to simplify and automate your sales cycle

We are excited to share this update with you!
If you are curious about GetAccept's Salesforce integration, please visit our new GetAccept Salesforce integration landing page for a demo video and additional product information!

Watch Salesforce integration demo video!


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