3 tips: how to personalize and boost your B2B sales process

Sara Cronsioe
April 17, 2020

We all know that sales is a challenge. It's a constant grind of reaching out to prospects, working hard to assure them that your product will solve their problems. Not only solve their problems, but that your product will solve their problems better than the competition. 

Today there are endless choices and higher-than-ever expectations from the buyers. In the past, the only way to communicate was over the phone, via email or in-person meetings. How can you stand out from the competitors, making yourB2B sales process unique and personal? If not email, calls, or face-to-face meetings, what are we left with? 

Interact with potential customers with real-time response

Chatbots have much higher open rates than emails which increases the chances of a user making a purchase. Several years ago, this type of interaction simply wasn’t possible. The technology, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, wasn’t as advanced or widespread. With chatbots, you can lead customers throughout the buying process. 

Stand out from your competition and empathize with your customer

How many customer cases do you read? Let’s face it, it’s more fun to watch a video of your customers explaining a product or service. Video is the preferred format when it comes to consuming content. Over 1 billion hours are watched on youtube every day. So, how does that translate into B2B sales? 

I would say that video fits perfectly into every stage fo the sals process. We can break down the B2B sales process into three main phases: prospecting, working an opportunity and closing a deal. Video can, of course, be used successfully in each of these phases:

  • Sending prospecting emails: Video allows you to cut through the noise by sending a quick intro. It’s eye-catching and you’re able to show the prospect that there’s an actual human behind the email.

  • Sending meeting reminders and recaps: Using video as a reminder instead of a plain email can really drive up your meeting show rates.

  • Discussing contracts and proposals: With video capture, you are able to quickly clear any confusion there might be around a specific question or terms with the proposal, that might have been hard to communicate over an email. 

Customize your sales document, quotes, and contract 

Effective branding will differentiate you from your competitors, and by doing this it will allow you to build a relationship with prospects and your customers. We all know that the sales process can't happen without a document. There are many stages of the sales cycle that have a corresponding document, whether if it's a presentation or a contract. It’s important to brand your contracts, to increase the engagement and to build trust.  

Video, chatbots and branded sales documents can help a stalled deal move along, it will help you to better engage with prospects and make that cold intro so much warmer. 

Asset personalization is a challenge but also an opportunity, want to know more about how to become more personalized in your B2B sales process? 

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