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10 tips to make and improve sales videos

Thomas Igou
April 01, 2021

The Importance of Video in Sales

Video killed the radio star and is now on its way to killing the sales star that doesn’t incorporate it as part of today’s remote/digital/hyper-personalized sales process, according to a new study from Sales Research Labs analyzing the impact of video in the sales process.

Sales Research Labs is a collaboration between major brands & leaders in the sales industry aiming at sourcing unbiased research & best practices. 

The Sales Research Lab team interviewed 50 sales leaders and found that 77% of them recognize the use of video as important or highly important.  The question is, how long will the last quarter of sales leaders remain unconvinced?

Graph: importance of video in the sales process


Although a strong amount of sales leaders highlight the importance of video in the sales process, our own data at GetAccept shows that only 10% of customers currently use video in their sales process.  When they do use it, they see real impact: adding engaging communication channels like video increase the hit rate by 30.4%. 

However, there is a clear disconnect at the moment between theory and practice. Will the early adopters reap all the benefits?

How Can Sales Reps Improve Their Use of Video?

Obviously, videos are already being used today. And that means all the interviewees had their ideas on how they can be improved: 

  • The sales leaders highlighted that short videos which are personalized & have a clear call to action are the most successful. There is no benchmark length for a sales video (yet), but 30-60 seconds seems to be optimal: long enough to convey your message with personality, short enough to keep the attention span of the recipient.
  • There was also consensus amongst the group that the video must give something of relevant value to the prospect i.e. “What’s in it for them?” In other words, don’t make a video for the sake of making a video. This is not a social media clickbait tactic; this is you in front of your prospect. 
  • Other recurring themes included the importance of not reading from a script & ensuring video is not used for mass outreach but only 1-1 conversation.  Be personal, be natural.


How To Improve Video Click Through?

There was a general consensus among the 50 sales leaders into what could be made to improve Video Click Throughs, which we’ve broken down into 4 areas:

  • Thumbnails

Logically, before the video even starts playing, the first “visual” a recipient will see is the thumbnail.  It’s a detail that so often and easily gets overlooked but has such a high influence on click-throughs that you want to make sure it becomes a routine part of your video creation process.  Now, interested in creating a highly personalized thumbnail that includes your recipient’s picture, company logo, and website to really grab attention?   

  • Personalized CTAs

From a marketing perspective, we know the importance of CTA’s (call to action); the same can be applied to sales videos.  This was also an important point for the sales leaders.  If you want to capture traffic to the video, make sure to personalize the CTA with the recipient’s first name and if possible, company name. After all, isn’t that what sales engagement tools in the 21st century are all about: humanizing digital channels?

Also noteworthy: where in the email/text do you ACTUALLY place the video block or link?

  • To the point

Time is money! Sales reps know this as according to research they only spent 34% of their time actually selling. And your prospects know this, as they probably spend their time going from zoom meetings with your sales reps to zoom meetings with your competitors’ sales reps. So until you can provide them with a time machine, why not provide them with insights on how long your video will be before they click on it? The research findings: the shorter, the better.

  • And smile!

Interestingly - whether or not someone presents happily with a smile was also seen as extremely important.  Say cheese!

Which Video Tools Are Used For Sales?

There are a lot of online tools and platforms that allow a sales rep to record a video. Below is a list of those most commonly mentioned by the interviewed sales leaders. It’s important for you to think about which one will best fit your business. Keep these thoughts in mind: 

  • The tool’s ease of use for both the buyer and seller
  • How will the video be shared/transferred
  • What kind of analytics does the tool offer (if any) on the video (clicks, views, etc…)



Video in B2B customer interaction has been around for a while.  But until now, it was mostly from a mass-market, generic, social media angle: one video, big production, and high quality, for mass appeal.  The trend is slowly moving towards hyper-personalized, one-take and to-the-point videos to humanize and maximize digital sales engagement.

Regardless of what the new normal might look like, video in sales is here to stay. There are more and more tools and best practices available, but user adoption is still low. That is the perfect star alignment to be a front-running sales team using video.


How to use engaging sales videos with GetAccept in 3 Easy Steps?

  • Step 1: Engage

Every Time you have to send out a document, you will see the engage tab on the right-hand side of the screen (to help you increase the hit rate of the document, which almost 90% of GetAccept customers use).  Click it.

  • Step 2: Choose Your Video 

A side menu will appear, listing all the different options you can use sales engagement features to support your document send out.  Click on Video Introduction, and you’ll be presented with three video options: record (from your computer), phone (to get a link sent via SMS to record the video from your mobile), and library (to choose a pre-recorded video).

  • Step 3: Record Your Video 

The last but most important step: record your video! Remember all the points listed above to create a personalized, dynamic, and fun video to support your document. And voila!


Oh, and don’t forget to smile!

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