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“It used to take us 35 to 40 minutes of work per quotation. Now it’s less than 10 minutes.”

Danny Steigerwald

Sales & Marketing Manager

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Index Hospitality Systems is a global leader in restaurant technology. They help hotels, restaurants, and similar businesses leverage technology to save costs, manage kitchens, and enhance operational efficiency.

Their kitchen display system, Annoner, is specifically designed for fine dining, high-end restaurants, and restaurants with a Michelin star, to stop the paper ticket nightmare and switch to a digitalised process. The world's best chefs rely on this system to host all guest information in one place, manage menus, and track reservations. Currently, over 17,000 professionals from across the world use their products daily.

Previously, the sales team had a clunky process: They'd copy-paste buyer details and purchased products into a Word template, convert it to PDF, and then send it out for e-signature. It was a slow grind, taking at least 40 minutes per quotation. 

Plus, there was always the risk that errors could creep in or buyers request additional changes because it would mean manually redoing everything.

Index Hospitality Systems has an ambitious goal for 2028: To scale up the company size and impact. To achieve this, they knew they needed a dynamic and efficient way of creating, sending, and managing contracts and products, and that’s where GetAccept comes in.

We are glad to support their growing journey with dynamic templates for contracts and seamless integration with Pipedrive.

With GetAccept, the sales team at Index Hospitality Systems has experienced a 75% faster contract generation process free from human error, easier personalisation, and transparent inventory management.

Contract generation

75 %

faster, error-free contract generation

Previously, creating contracts was a laborious process for the Index Hospitality sales team.: They had to manually input information into three separate systems: Word for the contract template, the Pipedrive CRM, and an invoicing system. It meant a lot of additional administration time and room for error. 

To boost productivity, the first move was replacing their old, static Word templates with GetAccept’s dynamic ones using editor blocks. Now, with editor blocks, the team can quickly craft branded contract templates that include videos, images, links, and pricing tables. 

Even better, the need to manually add data points to multiple platforms is now gone. Instead, reps only need to fill in the details once into Pipedrive. Then when they select their template, GetAccept automatically fills in all related customer details via merge fields sourced directly from their CRM. This frees up more time for their sales team and significantly reduces the risk of human error. A dynamic pricing table is also generated, which we’ll talk more about in the next sections.  

Once the contract is generated, it’s easy for the team to make changes if necessary – even after the contract has been sent. They simply edit the contract and buyers can view the amendments within the same link. 

This process significantly reduced the contract creation time from 40 minutes to less than 10 minutes. This means Danny and his team now have more time for direct sales rather than wasting time on repetitive admin work and data entry. 

Smooth quote-to-cash

One of the problems with using Word templates for contracts is that there’s no way to make certain fields mandatory. This leads to problems with getting all the information required to send invoices. Cue the frustrating hassle of back-and-forth follow-ups until all of the information is obtained. 

Luckily, this is easy to solve.

Now, with GetAccept’s dynamic templates, Danny can add mandatory fields to contracts to make sure that all necessary information is collected the first time. Once signed, all of these details are then automatically stored in Pipedrive, keeping the data integrity of the CRM intact and helping it to remain the one source of truth for the entire organisation. 

Inventory management

Index Hospitality Systems has around 15 main products. Previously, they listed all products in the Word template and the sales reps had to manually select the purchased products in the checkbox when creating the contract. At the same time, they were unable to hide the unselected ones, which is the main area they want to optimise. 

This static process also led to inventory headaches. Since the contracts in the Word template were not linked to the Pipedrive product library, they struggled to track the product stages, the remaining stock, and when to order more products. This could lead to problems like overselling, overstocking, and stockouts.

Now that their digital contract creation tool, GetAccept, integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive, both problems have an easy solution. Here’s how it works:

Danny leverages Pipedrive product line items to store product information and track units. When sales generate a quote in the contract using GetAccept, pricing tables are automatically created, displaying details only for the purchased items from Pipedrive. 

Simultaneously, the selected products and units are marked as “reserved” in Pipedrive. This functionality allows Danny to quickly see how many units are expected to sell in the next 1 to 2 weeks, the remaining stock, and when to place a new order. 

Thanks to the GetAccept integration for Pipedrive, the quote generation process has become easier and stress-free, giving the team everything they need to accurately visualise, manage, and forecast the inventory.

Personalization at scale

Personalisation plays a crucial role in successful sales strategies. By using GetAccept’s communication templates, the sales team at Index Hospitality Systems is handling personalisation with ease. 

Index Hospitality Systems primarily targets high-end restaurants and gastronomy, which are industries that highly value personality and individual characteristics. Their prospects have diverse preferences, e.g. some prefer a casual and personal tone, while others lean towards a more formal and business-oriented approach.

Recognising these preferences, Danny set up various email templates tailored to the preferred tone of voice and adjusted for the size of the prospect's company. This customisation ensures that each buyer receives communications aligned with their preferred style.

Instead of starting from scratch every time, sales reps can now effortlessly select templates that match their prospects’ preferences directly from within Pipedrive when sending out contracts. 

This tailored approach creates a more personalised and efficient buying-selling process. By catering to individual preferences, it enhances the connection with prospects, driving higher engagement and smoother interactions throughout the sales journey.

Next steps

Together with the integration teams and their Customer Success Manager, Danny at Index Hospitality Systems tested the latest version of GetAccept integration for Pipedrive and enjoyed the new sendout flow. As many promising features are cooking in the product oven, we are excited to keep working together to make their sales journey even better as the company grows.

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