Introducing an enhanced GetAccept integration for Pipedrive

Oct 9, 2023

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Introducing an enhanced GetAccept integration for Pipedrive

GetAccept is embedded in Pipedrive CRM via a Chrome Extension. Over the years, it has enabled many sales teams to create, send, and track sales proposals and contracts directly from Pipedrive. But it could be better.

In the past months, we’ve built more features for GetAccept for Pipedrive and tested them during the summer. Now, it’s time to introduce the enhanced version officially! The key changes include:

  • GetAccept pricing table: Auto-create dynamic quotes within Pipedrive
  • New sendout flow: it’s easier to find the right template and add PDF attachments
  • Customizable scheduled sending: Send the document whenever you prefer
  • Improved functionalities like flexible reminders, video engagement, detailed overview, activity tracking, and more.

Click on the interactive demo and see it yourself.

Automatically create dynamic quotes without leaving Pipedrive

If you ask me to name one feature you shouldn’t miss at this makeover, it must be the GetAccept pricing table.

When building contract templates within GetAccept, admins can specify which product information should be included in the pricing table (like product name, description, unit, tax, price, total, and subtotal). After everything is set up, the reps can find all templates within Pipedrive and select the one that fits their needs.

GetAccept then automatically fetches product line items stored in Pipedrive and instantly populates them in the quotes you are working on. Reps can further customize the product description before sending it out.

This automatic process ensures the quotes are always error-free and reduces a tremendous amount of manual work – freeing up more time for sales to sell and making room for higher sales efficiency. Besides, the dynamic pricing table adapts and responds to different devices, so it looks modern and clean even when your prospects open it on their phone.

GetAccept pricing table

A more intuitive sendout experience

When logging in to the GetAccept integration for Pipedrive, you’ll first notice the brand-new user interface. We’ve revamped the entire sendout flow to make it smoother and more intuitive. Here are some key changes:

  • Select templates before adding recipients

Select templates and upload related PDFs before adding recipients. You can easily see how many roles are needed for each template and preview it when needed, making it faster to select the right template.

Once you are ready with the document, add recipients and assign them to different roles based on the needs of the selected template. All the required data are filled in automatically via merge tags, and you can double-check them in the left-hand section. If certain data is not stored in Pipedrive and thus missing for the proposal, you can now fill in the data in specific fields or leave it empty and continue the sendout.

By doing so, you avoid wasting time going back and forth when the number of recipients you selected doesn’t match the number needed for your template.

sendout flow

  • Drag and drop files

If you want to upload PDF files to complement your templates or prefer to upload a file from your local drive, simply drag and drop the file into the selected area.

As you construct the document on the left-hand side, all the changes will appear on the right-hand side simultaneously, so you can ensure everything is included before moving on to the next steps.

  • Take video engagement to the next level

Video is a great way to increase personal engagement and make yourself stand out from the competition. But as we all know, not everyone knows what to say on the first take.

If making a video is still new for you, no worries. We’ve added some tips and examples to help you get started. You can find our suggestions on things you should mention in the video, the ideal length, and how to be more personal. If you have a pre-recorded one, simply add it from the library.

video engagement to the next level

  • More sending options

After you’ve prepared everything, you can share it with your recipients immediately or customize a scheduled sending at the preferred date and time. With this update, you can also add an estimated value and customize an expiration date to make the sendout experience more flexible.

more sending options

  • Set a precise date for the reminders

To stay on top of your ongoing deals, you can set up reminders for yourself within Pipedrive to follow up after several days. Previously, you could only choose to set the reminder in 1, 3, 5, or 7 days, which has limitations when you are about to go on a vacation and want to be reminded in 15 days or one month.

With the new GetAccept for Pipedrive, you can be more specific about when you want to be reminded and what the next action should be (reminder type), for example, a call, a meeting, an email, a deadline, lunch, or a task for yourself.

Simply click on the calendar and set a preferred date and time.

Detailed analytics within Pipedrive

detailed analysis-1

You can track and analyze how your recipients engage with the sendouts directly from Pipedrive.

Under “Start sendout,” you can quickly see the overview of all related sendouts and their status. Click “View Summary” to see who viewed the document and the time spent on each page.

Excited to try it out?

Install the new GetAccept for Pipedrive as a Chrome Extension here. If you want to know more about how it works and detailed use cases, contact us using the “book a demo” form on this page.

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