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Erik Holmen - Chief Growth Officer

"We chose GetAccept because of everything this company stands for in terms of its vision, the people within the organization, and its platform. Digital Sales Room is the future of how to do business in a digital world."

Erik Holmen

Chief Growth Officer

Favourite functions —

Digital Sales Room | Commercial branding & video | Document tracking


Culture Intelligence is a Norwegian growth-driven organization within the rapidly evolving PeopleTech space. Their SaaS platform empowers leaders to digitize, optimize and expand their culture to impact business performance.

As Chief Growth Office, Erik is responsible for developing the sales organization’s strategy to maximize revenue potential and enhance sales performance.


Their biggest challenge was running an efficient and modern sales process using outdated ways of working. Reps spent a lot of time on manual work such as sending traditional PDFs via email and then sending a quote via an eSign vendor. 


From Erik’s perspective as a sales leader, he lacked insights into their sales processes and saw there was no commercial branding nor a strong digital brand message in their current process. 


This led to a very time-consuming, unprofessional way of pushing deals forward, and overall frustration from the team.


Culture Intelligence wanted to transform its current way of sending proposals, with a focus on enhancing the digital customer experience, as well as arming its sales team with automated follow-ups and tracking insights.

We chose GetAccept because of everything that this company stands for in terms of its vision, the people within the organization, and not least the Product Platform that delivers superior features that we really needed. Digital Sales Room is the future of how to do business in a remote and digital world.

The most significant factor for Erik was to become more efficient, deliver world-class customer experiences in a digital, but personal way, and increase sales. In addition, a vendor who could also deliver Contract Management was a big plus. 

With its all-in-one digital sales room, GetAccept was the perfect partner.


A smooth onboarding: accounts were up and running one week after signing the contract with GetAccept, enabling Culture Intelligence to get going right away.

GetAccept’s digital sales room platform has helped Culture Intelligence to be more professional in how they do business, be more efficient, and really focus on delivering superior customer journeys. 

Everything a company does in their interactions with their prospects and customers is part of a customer’s journey; we wanted the best tool to help us with this, and I truly believe GetAccept is that tool.” 

Culture Intelligence used another e-signing vendor before, but GetAccept has taken them to the next level. Their customers love receiving personalized videos and use the chat function for asking questions and getting quick replies. The platform makes it very easy for customers to change the recipient signer once this feature is turned on from the sender, and it’s very easy and convenient for customers to sign a contract.

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