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Céline Felix - Trade Marketing Sales Manager

"With GetAccept, we professionalize our commercial approach by sharing dynamic content."

Céline Felix

Trade Marketing Sales Manager

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La Redoute, a leading name in French e-commerce specializing in fashion and home decor, needs no introduction.

With over 25 million visits per month and more than 10 million customers across Europe, it's the retail media teams at La Redoute who use GetAccept to offer their marketing services to sellers on the Marketplace.

After identifying a Marketplace seller to contact, the retail media teams would send an introductory email offering their services. The problem was, there was no way to know if their presentations were being viewed, or even opened, making it challenging to prioritize the brands they were most likely to collaborate with.

The La Redoute Media teams also sought to energize and professionalize their sales approach by sharing engaging and distinctive content. Ultimately, they wanted to make a significant impact on the brands they were prospecting.

Finally, with La Redoute using Salesforce, maintaining an efficient work environment was crucial to meet the challenges of prospecting.


With GetAccept, La Redoute Media's business developers have an ideal platform to create and share engaging, contemporary content.

The video feature is a real bonus. Used within the Digital Sales Room, it grabs brands' attention and piques their interest in learning more about the services offered.

Working with templates

To begin, members of the team choose a GetAccept document template directly from Salesforce. These templates include images, banners, text blocks, and links to case studies. This means that there's no need to create presentations from scratch, which saves time and ensures a high level of brand consistency and quality. 

Document tracking and analytics

Each time a Digital Sales Room is opened, downloaded, or forwarded, the sender receives a notification. This allows the La Redoute Media teams to tailor their follow-ups and engage with brands in a personalized way. Ultimately, GetAccept helps to refine prospecting by helping the team to focus on the most promising collaborations.


300 %

increase in reply rate after implementing GetAccept

75 %

reduction in document creation time


Digital Sales Rooms sent per month

The La Redoute teams are clear in their praise of GetAccept: they feel it's the ideal tool for sharing standout content and increasing touchpoints during the prospecting phase.

Here are the results observed by the teams after one year of use:

  • More than 50 GetAccept documents sent per month.

  • For every 10 presentations shared via GetAccept, the team receive an average of 4 responses, compared to only 1 response to a traditional email. That's a 300% increase in reply rate since implementing GetAccept!

  • As a result of implementing GetAccept and working with dynamic templates, the time the team spends on creating content has been reduced by 75%

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