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Finley Berry - Rev and Sales Ops Engineer

"Switching to GetAccept gave us control over, and trust in, what the sales team are actually sending out."

Finley Berry

Rev and Sales Ops Engineer

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We helped Satchel streamline and improve their proposal process by making it more consistent, faster, and easy to track.

Satchel creates software for teachers, students, and parents to help reduce teachers’ workloads, promote positive student behavior, and engage parents in the learning process.

Before GetAccept, Satchel used two providers: one for creating proposals and another for signing contracts.

A major pain point before changing to GetAccept was a lack of consolidation between their CRM (Salesforce) and these two providers. Now, they have a more consolidated, well-integrated tech stack that allows Salesforce to remain their single source of truth.

Thanks to GetAccept, they also have better control over the proposal documents their reps are sending out, proposal creation is up to 70% quicker, and it’s easy to keep track of key data and metrics relating to their deals.

As an added bonus, having GetAccept replace their two previous providers also means a more seamless experience for their clients. Satchel’s customers are often out on site and away from the office, so when they need to accept a proposal or sign a contract, it’s ideal to have an all-in-one, easy-to-navigate solution.

Consistent process

“Switching to GetAccept gave us control over, and trust in, what the team are actually sending out.”

Satchel needed a solution to create more organization and centralization in their sales process. 

GetAccept was able to offer that, making it easy for Finley to create and manage proposal templates, ensuring that a consistent, repeatable process was created for the reps.

As Revenue and Sales Ops Engineer at Satchel, it was important to Finley that he had initial control over the proposal templates. This meant he could create documents aligned with the company brand and standards, that reps could then quickly tailor to each deal. 

Furthermore, with GetAccept, there’s no need for Finley or the Satchel reps to leave Salesforce: Templates are integrated into their Opportunity records, and they can access them without ever leaving the CRM. 

Hours saved

70 %

reduction in proposal creation time

14 hrs

saved per month

50 %

increase in closed/won rate

“In what feels like a click, you get a proposal that’s perfectly suited to each opportunity.”

For Finley, Satchel’s previous proposal solution offered little in giving him control and visibility over the proposals reps were sending out – and it was also too slow. 

Since implementing GetAccept and working with templates, there has been a 70% reduction in the time for a proposal to be created, with creation time going from 10 minutes to as few as 3. 

This means that the Satchel team are saving up to 3.5 hours a week or 14 hours a month – time which can be spent winning more opportunities and building better relationships. 

This is even factoring in that reps are recording personalized videos –  a feature Finley loves – to include in their proposals.

Better deal analytics

Prior to using GetAccept, Finley had no good overview of the proposals reps were sending or insights into how things were progressing. 

Now, GetAccept is seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, meaning he can keep track of what proposals are being sent, the time to close, when contracts are signed, and when written confirmation is received. 

As a result, it’s much easier for him and his team to accurately report when opportunities are closed/won. 

Since implementing GetAccept, Satchel are now able to report a 50% increase in their overall closed/won rate. They attribute this to a number of different initiatives, including help from the more consistent and faster proposal creation process made possible with our digital sales room solution.

Implementation and support

“GetAccept gives the personal touch. You don’t see that in a lot of companies.” 

Finley has been really happy with the support Satchel has received from GetAccept. Right from implementation through to onboarding and beyond, we have provided “the personal touch.” 

In terms of implementation, Satchel were also pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole setup was. 

This was further amplified by the fact that we were happy to help them input some of their old, static PDF proposals into interactive, editable GetAccept documents.

We were also there to support onboarding their UK and US teams, helping to secure user adoption.

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