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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Vainu customer case

"Our sales team expects sharp, smart, and user friendly interfaces"


"GetAccept helps our salespeople know who and when to contact their clients. With better insights, the tool helps us prioritize our time and close more deals!"

Mikko Honkanen

CEO & Co founder at Vainu

The challenge

Founded in 2014, Vainu has grown organically and is continuing to expand globally. Vainu has a large sales organization which places high demands on their own processes. The internal sales process is systematic and data driven, which requires that Vainu's systems are integrated, and that they are able to act in real time when their customers and prospects need them. Vainu always strive to find new ways to make their sales processes more efficient.

The solution

Vainu implemented GetAccept in order to give their sales people better conditions to communicate with, and keep track of, how their customers and prospects act in the sales process. With the help of automatic reminders and real-time insights, they can now prioritize their time better and act faster in a follow-up. With live chat features, they can easily communicate with each and every client, throughout the entire sales process.

The result

Today, Vainu uses GetAccept in many ways within their organization. The GetAccept CRM integration for Pipedrive, with live chat features, are Vainu's favorite because of the simplicity to send, manage, and archive client contracts.

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Quick facts

Who: Mikko Honkanen, CEO & Co founder at Vainu

Industry: Software as a service

Favorite functions

  • User Interface
  • Pipedrive Integration
  • Live Chat

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"The thing I like the most with GetAccept is the live chat function. I've actually closed a few deals using the chat! If the client has any questions, they can easily reach out in the chat and I can respond quickly. Then the client can e-sign the document. It's super easy, and I really recommend it!"

Tatu Turunen

Real-time Sales Expert at Vainu