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Heissel Fischman - ERSEA Manager

"GetAccept has allowed us to continue providing services and connecting with our clients and staff in a personable way!"

Heissel Fischman

ERSEA Manager

Favourite functions —

Secure electronic signatures | Form templates with merge fields | Deliver forms via text message | Final signed PDF sent via email


Like most nonprofits in 2020, Vista Del Mar was faced with adapting to new regulations and standards put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


As a child and family services company that has been around for 100 years, Vista Del Mar is used to keeping up to date with new compliance measures. So when the mandate of requiring parents to visit their centers in person to complete paperwork was no longer feasible due to COVID-19, they knew they needed an eSigning solution, they just didn’t know which platform to choose.


They had to choose one that was secure and easy to use for both their users and the parents needing to sign their intake forms. Preferably, they would find a solution that was reliable enough to eventually spread throughout their 9 different departments. This is because they wanted a solution they could invest in for the long run. Even if the option of having parents come into their centers was allowed, they would still want to be as efficient as possible.


If their new software could provide a more convenient and intuitive process, while still staying compliant with regulations, they would want to continue offering that option. It was also important for the to be able to support the bilingual parents they would be digitally interacting with on a daily basis. Luckily, while exploring eSignature solutions, they came across GetAccept!


The first thing our customer success team tackled in Vista Del Mar's onboarding was templates. Since they had a few different enrollment forms, each needing to be in either English, Spanish, or Korean, they wanted to make sure they could create and organized them in that made it easy for their users.


While on the phone with the parents, the enrollment rep will choose the template that they need to send, fill in the fields to complete the form, and then deliver it to the parents via email and text message. Once they send the form, all the reps have to do is wait for it to be signed. The parents can view and sign the document on their phone or computer.


The reps use GetAccept's automated reminders to ensure that the parents are followed up on in case they do not sign while they have them on the phone. Once the document is securely signed by the parents, both the reps and the parents receive a final PDF copy in their email. Attached to the signed copy of the enrollment form is a verified signature certificate and an audit log of every action that was taken by the rep and parents to the document.


Since the enrollment team had such great success with implementing GetAccept, Vista Del Mar's HR team also started using it to onboard their new hires!


Enrollment Team
Since there were some changes to their workflow with the updated regulations due to the pandemic, the enrollment representatives were a bit nervous about learning a new process in addition to a new software. With the help of the GetAccept customer success team, their accounts were all set up properly and they were trained on how to make the most of the solution.


After using it just a few times, they were easily able to prepare their enrollment forms and deliver them for signing. After sent, they could relax knowing that the parents would receive the forms and add their signature securely. From the implementation to the actual use if the platform, the team is happy with the new process and solution delivered by GetAccept. They are able to continue helping families and children in a safe and secure way.


Hiring Team
With the success of implementing GetAccept for the enrollment team, the HR team was curious about how they could also use the new eSigning solution. Since they had normally signed documents in person, they needed a platform that would allow them to showcase their culture and create a unique recruiting experience for their candidates and new hires. When new hire documents are sent to candidates, they are introduced to the recruiter through a personal video and have the ability to ask questions in the live chat.


The whole solution gives the HR team the ability to stay personable and create a unique hiring experience, even while staying completely digital.

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