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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Ess Group customer case

“That one month I broke all previous sales records”


“At one point in time, this was during our first year using GetAccept, I was vacationing in Cuba. It was during the busiest of sales seasons back home and there was no Wifi to be found anywhere in the vicinity. I was eaten alive by stress until I realized I could manage all my sales via my phone and text messages. That one month I broke all previous sales records, lying on the beach miles away from the office. It was mind blowing!”

Magnus Tummalid

Sales Manager, YSB and FSB at ESS Group

The challenge

The biggest challenge that the ESS Group experienced was as they grew rapidly and then grew a little more. As the paper flows increased and sales processes became more difficult to control. It was also a very time-consuming process to follow up on open quotes and they risked losing clients. The ESS Group needed to find a way to become more efficient and more dynamic within their processes.

The solution

After introducing GetAccept in the organization, ESS Group started using automatic notifications to keep better track of pending quotes. They began tracking all sales reps performance to further evaluate and improve the sales processes. And they additionally, initiated communication in a more personal way with their clients trough chat, text messages and video.

The result

Since the implementation of GetAccept, the ESS Group has increased its total sales by at least 50% and some of their hotels have increased their sales by as much as 60%. Today, the ESS Group can handle a 10 times greater quote flow without losing control of their clients, which leads to more business.

Contract attainment is quicker because lead times have been shortened and it's simpler for the client to sign right at their fingertips. Using video in the quotes has been received very well and the process is both easier and more fun for both parties.


Quick facts

Who: Magnus Tummalid, Sales Manager ESS Group

Industry: Hospitality

Favorite functions

  • SMS
  • Automatic notifications
  • Video

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We had a client who was skiing in the Swiss Alps when our sales rep called him. The client had zero access to a computer and we were about to lose the deal - but with GetAccecpt we didn't. We sent a SMS contract, he signed it with a click of a button and then casually went back to his skiing holiday. There is no way we would have been able to do that before GetAccept - we felt this insane euphoric feeling about how easily it all worked out."

Magnus Tummalid

Sales Manager at ESS Group