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Tommaso Centonze - COO

“We’ve managed to save over 10 hours of admin work per week thanks to the GetAccept Automation between HubSpot and Chargebee. It creates recurring revenue we enjoy continuously."

Tommaso Centonze


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SmartPricing is a fast-growing revenue management system for the hotel industry. By monitoring and analyzing the mass data, they suggest the best price to their clients to help maximize profits.

Founded in 2020, SmartPricing has raised two funding rounds and collected loyal customers across Italy and the DACH region. Stepping into 2023, they are ready to expand the business to other European countries.


The SmartPricing team uses HubSpot to store and manage all customer-related data and Chargebee to send out invoices and manage subscriptions. Every time they signed a new customer, the sales team needed to manually input all customer and billing information into both systems to keep them aligned. 

However, mistakes often happened when manually inputting complicated data points, like billing information, making sending out invoices inefficient and cumbersome. On top of that, not every salesperson had time to add the same information in both HubSpot and Chargebee. This led to missing and inconsistent data between the two systems.

The SmartPricing team urgently needed a tool to automate the manual process to ensure the company could grow sustainably with the current resources.


Auto-sync data from signed contract to HubSpot and Chargebee

With GetAccept Automations, SmartPricing’s customer billing information is automatically synced to HubSpot and Chargebee after the contract is signed, removing 10-11 hours of manual work for the sales team. At the same time, they also managed to eliminate human error and maintain data consistency.

Here is how it works. 


SmartPricing workflow


The data points synced to HubSpot cover basic company information (e.g., name, address, VAT number), payment information (e.g., Swift, IBAN, payment frequency), subscription information (e.g., contract duration, monthly fee, free trial days), legal representative’s information, and any special agreements stated in the contract.


Simultaneously, this data is updated in Chargebee. To avoid duplicate accounts, GetAccept Automations will first check if SmartPricing has the customer registered in Chargebee. If the customer already exists, the data fields are updated and filled with the latest information from the customer. If not, a new account will be created and filled with the collected data.


The whole process happens immediately after the contract is signed. With this process, SmartPricing not only maintains data consistency in different platforms but also avoids any duplicated accounts.


Professional solution engineer as an in-house advisor 


The solution engineers at GetAccept took full ownership of setting up the automations, tailoring them to fit SmartPricing’s needs, and optimizing them as the company scales. The dedication took away the pain of having to build and maintain workflows in a third-party platform all by themselves.

As the GetAccept teams have done all the heavy lifting, SmartPricing can run their business smoothly without worrying about repetitive admin work or outdated sales processes.


-10 hours

The customer billing information is automatically synced to HubSpot and Chargebee after the contract is signed, removing 10-11 hours of manual work for the sales team.

GetAccept Automations help SmartPricing’s sale team remove over 10 hours of manual work, eliminate human errors, and maintain data accuracy. They now spend more quality time closing deals instead of doing manual data entry.

GetAccept Automations also make sure all the data is updated and synced smoothly between HubSpot and Chargebee, building an efficient tech stack to support their business.

With all these improvements, it’s easier for SmartPricing to expand into new markets, which they plan to do throughout Europe, without needing additional human resources.

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