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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Crisp Video customer case

“Whenever anyone asks about eSigning or sales enablement, I don’t know if a better solution exists!”


"Whenever anyone asks about eSigning or sales enablement, I don’t know if a better solution exists! It's the easiest to use, has the right features, best adoption, and removes the barriers with eSignatures."

Michael Mogill

CEO & Founder at Crisp Video Group

The challenge

With a watchful eye on the latest and greatest being produced in the SaaS industry, Crisp Video Group was no stranger to using software to their advantage. They were well versed in finding opportunities for improvement within their software stack and were using another eSignature platform to have their contracts, release forms, and other documentation signed. One of the main focuses for streamlining their processes was to have their software stack integrated throughout, enabling their processes to work fluidly and their team members to work smarter, not harder. They had already taken the initiative to use Zapier to connect their critical softwares, like Hubspot, Google Analytics, Drive, and Salesforce, but they had trouble syncing their eSignature solution with their customer relations tool. This is what triggered their initial search that began their journey to find GetAccept.

The solution

Right off the bat, Crisp Video Group integrated GetAccept with their Hubspot CRM. This ensures that their sales team can stay in one environment while connecting their sent documents to the deal within Hubspot. By taking advantage of the Google Docs and Drive integrations, they're able to quickly hyper-personalize every send out and then store it in a folder in their Google Drive after being signed. After a recipients opens one a send out, they track if that person visits their websites using the Google Analytics integration. They also text the document to make it as convenient as possible for the recipient to view and sign. Using the mobile app, they can get back to clients' questions ASAP and deliver white glove service. After its success with the sales team, their operations team now delivers send outs using GetAccept as well!

The result

Sales Reps
After trying other eSigning solutions that were not seamlessly integrated with Hubspot, the team was relieved and excited to deliver send outs right from within their CRM. This allows them to stay focused on their tasks without switching between softwares. They are able to personalize their content and messaging easier by having their deal notes right in front of them while they prepare their send out. By using the mobile app and push notifications, their team is always on top of every deal that gets sent out, even when they're out of the office. More opportunities to build relationships with clients have presented themselves by taking advantage of the document tracking and live-chat features. This helps the team differentiate Crisp Video from competitors and ultimately close more deals.

Operations Team
While sales is closing more sales contracts and bringing in more clients, the operations team decided to use GetAccept as well to streamline their own processes. They have many documents, like release and commitment forms, that need to be filled out and signed by clients to help onboard them efficiently. By using GetAccept, they are able to conveniently deliver the forms and quickly answer all of their clients' concerns, creating a frictionless experience for their customers.

crisp video

Quick facts

Who: Michael Mogill, CEO & Founder, Crisp Video Group

Industry: IT & Software

Favorite functions

  • Mobile app and notifications
  • Delivering via SMS
  • Automated email reminders
  • Personalizing with Google Docs

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Crisp Video's 3 best tips for increased sales:

1. Don’t sell anything that you weren’t sold on first! It’s less about the specific things you say than understanding the alignment and value you bring.

2. Encourage the building of relationships by adding a human touch throughout your company's digital reach.

3. Don’t assume disinterest if your prospect is not engaged; it’s not a NO until you hear it!

Michael Mogill

CEO & Founder at Crisp Video Group