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Richard Smith - Licensing Director

“Other suppliers within the same space did not give us the care, attention, and consultation that GetAccept were able to. You guys did absolutely everything, and the relationship was awesome.”

Richard Smith

Licensing Director

Favourite functions —

Easy integration with Hubspot | Video to put customer at ease | All-in-one presentation management tool


Digital Theatre is not a typical B2B company, as they target schools and teachers who are not used to looking at contracts and signing away their budget.


Even though they were using HelloSign as an e-signature supplier, they were looking for a more comprehensive solution that would allow them to personalize their sales interaction to put prospects at ease, get analytics into their sales reps’ performances to use as a supporting coaching tool, as well as create a content control center to streamline outbound communication to prospects.


By switching to GetAccept in a flawless transition, Digital Theatre found an all-in-one solution with a powerful presentation management tool that very easily integrated into their CRM, Hubspot.


They can now personalize their correspondence and build rapport with their customers, all from one system. Through the dealboard feature, they have all the analytics they need to prioritize their focus on the reps’ development. Finally, the Content Library and the Editor allow them to take control of their brand messaging.


Content Library
Digital Theatre’s marketing team is taking ownership of setting up templates and guides within the GetAccept platform to realign the messaging going out to customers. This gives the sales team more time to focus on personalising their sales interaction.

People buy from people. And don’t always read the fineprints. By layering in a video at the top of their proposals, Digital Theatre’s sales reps’ are able to put teachers at ease and build rapport in this current digital-only world, as well as explain the purpose of the agreements and the timeline of what will happen after it is signed.

With the dealboard, sales managers now have a complete overview of what’s hot and what’s not, and have insight into where their focus should be. They can tailor sales trainings based on an individual rep’s win rate on proposals out, and analytics from the GetAccept platform will go hand in hand with rebuilding their forecasting and pipeline management.

GetAccept is not just another supplier, but a true business partner. Digital Theatre found synergy and alignment in both companies’ overall vision, current growth, and constant desire to innovate. They were one of the first customers to beta test the new editor feature. They are also collaborating together in developing certifications to support and promote the use of videos in proposals.

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