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Daniel Robertson - Reporting & MI Analyst

"Impressive from the start - from first call, to implementation, to expanding our usage. GetAccept's customer care team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to more innovations and features in the product!"

Daniel Robertson

Reporting & MI Analyst

Favourite functions —

Integration with Pipedrive | Automated email reminders | Analytics of customers' behaviors | Detailed event log and audit trail


Being a leader in the UK financial services market is no easy task. The competition is ever present, and to stand out means you have to make your sales experience different than everybody else's.

Diners Club had just switched CRMs to Pipedrive and were in need of a new eSigning solution that would integrate seamlessly, as their previous tool, Adobe EchoSign, did not have a connection.

When using their old eSigning platform, they had always felt like they were sending just another standard email to their client that needed to be signed.

It wasn't seamless, it wasn't personal, and it only served to collect a signature. When searching for a new tool, they wanted to make sure that whatever they chose would bring additional value to their sales processes, such as personalization and better analytics, and offer a higher standard of support than what they were accustomed to receiving.

They were not looking for another point solution that would only be used to collect eSignatures, but something that would be able to add value throughout their sales cycle. Luckily, they found themselves checking out GetAccept's solution at just the right time!


The first step to helping Diners Club transition from their previous provider was to create templates.


Since we were going to be integrating with Pipedrive, we could use merge fields to populate their template with customer CRM data automatically. This, along with the ability to create and deliver sendouts directly within Pipedrive, drastically shortened the time to reach back to customers.


Once delivered, their sales team can track each sendout at every stage of the deal. They also gather analytics and pull monthly reports to better understand how they can improve their deliverables.


Since the system gathers all actions and collects them in the final PDF as an audit log, their team is assured the documents they send are safe and secure. Because of their success using GetAccept in one part of the business, Diners Club added a second entity to their subscription with its unique branding and templates.


Yet again, the rollout was smooth and quick, thanks to the customer success team.


Sales Team
The Diners Club sales team was a bit hesitant about having to learn a new tool. They had just adjusted to using Pipedrive as their new CRM and didn't know how another tool would affect their software fatigue.


Luckily, to their surprise, GetAccept was easy to pick up and start using immediately. The integration into Pipedrive particularly excited them because they did not need to go between software. They can find the contact, create the document, and send it off right from within Pipedrive in just a few clicks.


The statuses of their send-outs also update automatically on the contact's timeline, and the final signed PDF gets added within Pipedrive.


The adoption of GetAccept was so successful that new members of their sales team were able to pick it up within a day.

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