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Augustin Charpentier - Head of Growth et Co-founder

"With GetAccept, we have strengthened the effectiveness of our sales team, and our conversion rates have doubled."

Augustin Charpentier

Head of Growth et Co-founder

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Wavy faced several challenges when it came to managing commercial documents such as brochures and service contracts.

With 20 salespeople spread across the French territory, their daily mission is to meet with beauty professionals, following a classic door-to-door strategy.

Key challenges:

  • Organizing the day's appointments is often a headache. With a goal to have at least 50% of appointments lead to a signature, how could the team prioritize to ensure maximum efficiency?

  • The content of contracts often changes as their offer regularly evolves. How could the company ensure that new versions are available to reps as quickly as possible?

  • Despite the rigor and professionalism of the sales teams, the paper format requires tedious organization of printing and managing papers. How could the admin time required here be reduced?


2 x

conversion rate

2 hrs

saved per rep, per day

GetAccept allows Wavy's reps to track prospect engagement with a commercial brochure or contract they've been sent. 

These insights give the team the ability to easily focus their attention and prioritize meetings with contacts who have shown a strong interest in reading the documents.

As a result, they are able to meet their goal: More than 50% of conducted appointments are resulting in a signed contract

Thanks to GetAccept's dynamic document creation tool, Wavy are able to quickly edit and offer updated versions of their documents in real time. This means that reps can be confident that they are always using the most up-to-date documents.

The team also benefit from the e-signature functionality and centralization of documents in GetAccept. Together, it means reps can be confident that signed documents are saved and automatically transmitted to headquarters — even while they're on the road. 

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