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Johnathan Enslin - Sales Executive & Backend Developer

"My absolute favorite part is the API. The amount of power that gives to an organization is virtually unlimited... seamless integrations into other systems, reporting, user metrics, dashboards, and updates to the CRM/deals."

Johnathan Enslin

Sales Executive & Backend Developer

Favourite functions —

Integration with API | Live-chat within documents | Document engagement notifications | Ability to download the document


Sonic Telecoms came to GetAccept after realizing they had untapped potential within their sales and onboarding processes, especially with the rate they collect signatures. All they needed was the right tool.


Many of their clients were still having to print, sign, and scan documents back. Their sales reps main medium for communication was through email, which was slow and not efficient enough when trying to close deals or onboard new customers. They also realized that they could remove even more manual work and save time by utilizing an API from their provider, which they were not able to do.



GetAccept was able to offer a solution that helped speed up collection of signatures, not only by automating the sending of their documents, but also by the use of features that helped potential customers feel comfortable moving forward and being onboarded.


The use of the API gave Sonic Telecoms the ability to very quickly fill in custom field data that would otherwise need to be filled in manually. The live-chat within the document helped keep communication with the customer in one central area. When contracts are eventually signed, the account is updated to closeout the deal and keep the process seamless for their reps.



Sales Reps
Since Sonic Telecoms reps started using GetAccept, they've been more upbeat and optimistic about hitting their quota because they have a tool that is designed to make it easier for them. With their process now being more automated with the help of the API, the reps can focus on closing more sales rather than getting their manual CRM hygiene complete.

Once their contracts are delivered, reps and their sales leaders can review key engagement metrics to make sure they are focusing their efforts in the right place. With analytics collected on each send out, reps can easily and confidently go to their managers, report how their deals are looking, and ask for additional support or advice on how to best direct the deal.

Accessing the API
GetAccept's open REST API is easily accessible and very well documented. Sonic Telecoms is able to fill in contracts with data from their CRM and automate the sending of the document. They are also able to change the deal stages of their opportunities based on the status change of the documents being sent. The ability to do this has made their processes much more seamless, taken manual tasks off the reps' hands, and created better CRM hygiene for sales reporting.

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