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Ambre Orsolle - Sales Operation Manager

"GetAccept is the ideal contracting tool to simplify the daily life of sales teams."

Ambre Orsolle

Sales Operation Manager

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Eldo assists various players in the Home Improvement industry achieve growth. With a 7-in-1 solution, they help their clients to optimize every stage of their lifecycle. 

All the tools are consolidated to digitize their communication and commercial management: online visibility, reviews, lead management, reporting, digital support.

Key goals: 

  • Automate certain administrative tasks in order to reduce their sales cycle and simplify the signing process to enhance team efficiency. 

  • Improve their commercial performance by finding better ways to attract prospects.

  • Find a contracting tool that is simple and intuitive for reps to use. Eldo offers multiple services, and salespeople have a lot of data to manage, so they needed to change their previous, impractical e-signature solution.

  • Eldo wanted to be able to track documents and have access to analytics data that would help them to increase performance and efficiency. 


Dynamic proposals

With GetAccept, Eldo's reps can begin their document creation process with pre-prepared, branded templates that are housed directly in Hubspot. 

These templates can be easily customized to each opportunity and the specific needs of the prospect. And thanks to mandatory fields that can be added to each template, no essential information is left out. 

Document tracking

With the GetAccept, Eldo's sales teams are alerted as soon as a contract is opened. Our platform's analytics data also means they know how long the recipient has viewed the document, and where they have spent the most time. 

These insights are a significant advantage when it comes to taking the next best step with a buyer, and making informed decisions.

Key indicators analysis

With a view of the conversion rate and closing time by team, it's easy to identify strengths and areas for improvement to reach sales goals more easily.

Automated reminders and on-the-go e-signature

GetAccept allows reps to configure automated reminders, including via SMS. Eldo consider this to be a key benefit of the tool because it means that clients can sign contracts, even when they're on-site.


30 %

increase in conversion rate

3 day

reduction in sales cycle

With GetAccept, Eldo's sales team have seen a decrease in the time it takes to get a contract signed. 

This has resulted in their sales cycle being reduced by an average of 3 days, with GetAccept analytics showing that their conversion time went from 81 to 9 hours. 

They have also seen a 30% increase in their conversion rate since implementing GetAccept, going from 38% to 58%.


Impress your buyers and increase your sales