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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Nordic Hotels & Resorts customer case

“We've rolled out GetAccept to 27 of our hotels and the entire implementation was very smooth!”


"Since implementing GetAccept to our CRM system SuperOffice, we have shortened our sales cycle by 50%. We have rolled out GetAccept to 27 of our hotels and the entire implementation was very smooth!"

Mikael Österlund

VP Commercial Performance at Nordic Hotels & Resorts

The challenge

Before GetAccept, sending quotes and agreements was a time-consuming process. They experienced a challenge in controlling all documents sent by e-mail, and had to manually follow up on all requests. The customer then had to print, scan and send the quotation back. Nordic Hotels and Resorts needed to find an effective solution that they could integrate with their existing CRM system, SuperOffice.

The solution

Nordic Hotels and Resorts started to look at e-signing vendors when they felt that their processes needed to be streamlined. An important part of the search was that the supplier should be compatible with their CRM SuperOffice. The implementation was carried out to 27 hotels and presentation, training and roll-out was handled by their contact person at GetAccept.

The result

Nordic Hotels and Resorts shortened their sales cycle by 50% after they started to work with GetAccept. They reduced the time it takes to send out quotes and contracts and look more professional towards their customers. The smooth and secure e-signing process makes it easier for both themselves and the customer. An important part is that they now work directly from their SuperOffice environment.

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Quick facts

Who: Mikael Österlund, VP Commercial Performance, Nordic Hotels & Resorts, Rickard Amidani, Commercial Director, Stenungsbaden.

Industry: Hospitality

Favorite functions

  • Personal video
  • E-signing
  • Automated reminders

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"I use GetAccept a lot for the video functionality. It gives the customer a good gut feeling. When we use video we get fewer negotiations on price and more purchases based on the value that we provide."

Rickard Amidani

Commercial Director at Stenungsbaden