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Christopher Maricle - Executive Director

“GetAccept will be like your first smartphone. The solution that you didn't know you needed."

Christopher Maricle

Executive Director

Favourite functions —

SMS sending | Video and live chat | Recipient upload | Validated and required fields | Platform language conversion | Team training and dedicated support from a Head Start specialist


As the pandemic drove many Head Start offices remote, Head Start programs needed digital solutions to replace traditional pen-and-paper signing. Even as the pandemic has slowly ended and in-person enrollment has begun again, GetAccept still remains just as useful and valuable for digitizing the enrollment process. 


 Before GetAccept, Head Start program staff managed long drives for in-person meetings and manual data entry from paper contracts into online databases.


Many Head Start programs have limited access to personal laptops, and paper documents allowed room for errors in processing. They needed a user-friendly solution for both their clients and their staff.


GetAccept provides a comprehensive e-signing solution for Head Start programs. Some of our document solutions include:


  • 30+ page enrollment packets with checkboxes, drop-down menus, initials, signatures, etc.
  • Medical release forms
  • Food allergy forms with conditional fields for clients with and without allergies
  • Income and tax forms
  • Internal hiring documents
  • And many more!


Digital document workflows have saved Head Start programs time and money, allowing them to help more families and alleviate the administrative workload for staff. 


GetAccept has successfully onboarded approximately 250 Head Start staff members since March 2020. As a result, the time it takes to sign enrollment packets decreased by 45-90%, taking the signing time down from 40 minutes to 4 minutes in some cases.


GetAccept's comprehensive solutions will last even as Head Start program staff transition to in-person work, as GetAccept has an in-person signing workflow that can be executed on an iPad, tablet, phone, or laptop.



If your agency is a Head Start California member, GetAccept can support a wide range of your agencies’ programs, such as:

  • Head Start
  • Early Head Start
  • Veterans Services
  • Adoption and Adoption Services
  • Primary and Continued Education
  • Internal HR
  • Board Members and Executive Teams


Head Start programs promote the school readiness of infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children from low-income families. Head Start California is the premier advocacy organization for Head Start agencies throughout California.

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