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Gabby Ziolkowska - Revenue Operations Manager

"We can honestly say that GetAccept is one of the best products in our revenue tech stack."

Gabby Ziolkowska

Revenue Operations Manager

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Static templates slowed down the sales process

SocialTalent’s clients cover a wide range of industries with case-specific needs. To handle the complexity, the teams created specific terms, product packages, and complemented materials for each customer tier and buying stage. Thus aggregating various types of content in a dynamic, easy-to-share, and engaging way was a must. 


However, templates from the previous document creation tool were static and difficult to edit. Additional materials could only be added as hyperlinks, which lacked the modern look and feel. It took Gabby around 30 minutes every time to review and revise the proposals before the team could send them out, which heavily prolonged the sales cycle and slowed down the sales process. 

Engagement features and buyer insights were also missing. After an email was sent, the sales team found it difficult to track down potential hidden stakeholders, how they interact with the document, and forecast the next steps. They also desired more engagement features to add a personal touch to a digital document. 


Revamp the quoting process and harness the full potential of Salesforce features

SocialTalent had heavily invested in Salesforce CPQ to provide accurate pricing for their various product configurations.  After implementing and rolling out CPQ internally, it was time to optimize and refine. 

SocialTalent aimed to replace static and non-editable PDF quotes with a more dynamic document generation and delivery solution.  After configuring the product categories and pricing rules within Salesforce CPQ, their next goal was to enhance the buying experience but also to boost the adoption of their CPQ investment. 


Lack of support and slow implementation

Having a designated success manager is important when implementing a new tool. However, they had a “sold and then left” experience with the previous provider. Product updates were rarely communicated proactively, and Gabby, as the Revenue Operations Manager, had to find solutions herself every time an error occurred.
As the previous templates were unintuitive and hardcoded in HTML, the reps found it challenging to personalize the quotes themselves, which increased Gabby’s workload and further prolonged the sales process. 


SocialTalent was in search of a new tool that checks all the boxes:


  • Strong template management, content aggregation, and e-sign capabilities
  • Enable sales reps to build, personalize, and revise quotes by themselves
  • Natively integrate with Salesforce and Salesforce CPQ
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • No need to change the current way of working


GetAccept stood out from the competition with its product functionalities, delivering excellence in e-signing, dynamic templates, and its native integration with Salesforce and Salesforce CPQ. During the evaluation process, Gabby was also impressed by GetAccept’s flexibility to fit into their current way of working, technical expertise, and willingness to go the extra mile to meet SocialTalent’s growing needs. 

She realized that choosing GetAccept is not a one-time purchase but rather an investment that SocialTalent needs to accelerate and support digital sales transformation in the long run. 


9 x

faster quoting process

Dynamic proposals for agile teams

With GetAccept, it’s faster and easier for Gabby to build templates the entire sales team uses. She can create templates for each buyer tier and buying stage by simply dragging and dropping various sales content. The sales team can share a single document that includes presentations, pricing tables, terms and conditions, links, and personalized videos.

As the deal progresses, the reps can edit and update the document without having to send a new version, keeping both sellers and buyers aligned with the latest information. Gabby, as the admin, manages the master templates and permission settings to ensure key information remains unchanged while the reps have the flexibility to run their own show. 


Gabby only needs to help the reps with revision once out of ten times. Compared to before, it’s a 9x faster quoting process. 


An enhanced Salesforce experience

Salesforce is the source of truth for SocialTalent’s sales team. The team uses Salesforce to prospect, follow up, and save related conversations and files. GetAccept’s native integration for Salesforce enhances the 360-degree view over the deal journey, upholds CRM data integrity, and increases Salesforce adoption. 


Salesforce workflow for SocialTalent case study

When they need to send a proposal, SocialTalent’s sales reps easily find the GetAccept template Gabby built for them within Salesforce. They don’t need to fill in any information since the merge tags already pulled the data stored within Salesforce. Before sending it out, most of them add a video to greet and guide their buyers through the next stages.

As the deal progresses, they also use the real-time chat function to negotiate terms, discuss documentation details, and answer questions timely. After a contract is signed and the deal is sealed, GetAccept’s two-way synchronization automatically saves the signed document back to Salesforce, avoiding possible human errors. 


The quoting process is finally faster, easier, and error-free

Data accuracy improved, and CPQ was fully utilized when SocialTalent adopted GetAccept QuoteGen for Salesforce. Product data stored in Salesforce CPQ is automatically populated (i.e., product type, quantity, and discounts) into the quotes and proposals reps send to prospects, thus eliminating room for error.  As opposed to their previous process of generating and delivering static PDF quotes, reps are now able to quickly and flexibly personalize product descriptions, edit units, and add discounts in a dynamic, live space as a deal progresses. 

As a Salesforce administrator, Gabby can lock some sections in master templates to double-secure that key information stays unchanged. Altogether, this results in a simpler and more efficient quoting process. 


Multifunctional tool to increase company-wide efficiency

To maintain a lean yet effective tech stack, SocialTalent needs a tool that can be used by more than one team with a faster payback. After a successful onboarding with SocialTalent’s sales team, they decided to expand the use of the GetAccept Digital Sales Room to their HR, finance, and marketing departments. 

We are currently exploring building automations to help solve department-specific challenges surrounding efficiency and transparency goals for 2023. 

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