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Yanay Spinzi - IT & Business applications manager

"We chose GetAccept not only because of their great product, but also because of their professionalism and attentiveness to our business needs."

Yanay Spinzi

IT & Business applications manager

Favourite functions —

Contract management and automation | Mandatory fields based on HubSpot data | Sales collateral connecting to HubSpot deals


Jeeng is a software platform helping publishers drive revenue through audience engagement, and HubSpot’s CRM is critical to its sales team’s success. Like with any CRM, however, maintaining data integrity was a challenge for a busy sales team focused on closing deals.

Jeeng was looking for a more efficient and comprehensive way to collect vital information from customers. The current, manual process of collecting customer data left little room for error, and proved to be tedious for sales teams managing competing buyer priorities. Jeeng needed a clean CRM, fast proposal generation, and an efficient process for collecting and inputting required information from customers. Jeeng’s process required sales reps to upload, attach, and send contracts manually to buyers. When buyers returned the contracts, the sales reps had to then input the required fields back into the customer’s HubSpot record.


This made it challenging for sales reps to close deals and update customer information efficiently. Manually inputting open opportunity details, such as contact and billing information, increased the risk of human error in the data collection process. This also compromised the team’s ability to rely on HubSpot as a single source of truth. The team at Jeeng needed a faster and more efficient process of updating prospect data in their sales tech stacks to maintain data integrity and improve sales operations overall.


GetAccept’s HubSpot integration helped the Jeeng team in three critical areas:

  1. Contract management and storage
  2. Two-way data flows with automatically populated fields
  3. User-friendly electronic signatures


GetAccept’s contract management solution meant Jeeng was able to digitize customer contracts into a single, living document that integrated with its HubSpot environment.

These new, digital contracts also enabled Jeeng’s sales reps to set up two-way communication between information inputs from customers and data in the HubSpot CRM. The HubSpot integration pulls data from the digital contracts into the corresponding HubSpot records to maintain data integrity.

Using GetAccept and HubSpot, Jeeng’s sales reps pull Opportunity and Account data from the CRM into Google Doc templates. GetAccept’s required fields feature enables sales reps to mark certain contract fields, such as billing, company VAT number, and billing contact, as required for prospects to complete.

Using the power of GetAccept and HubSpot, sales reps at Jeeng streamlined their sales process and cut down on administrative time while maintaining accurate customer data in their CRM.


GetAccept’s HubSpot integration allows Jeeng’s sales reps to operate more efficiently in their CRM environment. Signed contracts are now stored under the appropriate HubSpot record, giving teams throughout the company access to important customer information in a central location.


The mandatory recipient input fields feature eliminates the need for sales reps to go back and forth with customers. Now, important customer information automatically updates into that customer’s HubSpot record. Mandatory fields also make it easier for the finance team to obtain accurate billing information, making Jeeng more efficient at driving revenue.

With GetAccept’s HubSpot integration, sales reps can automate contract and data management and the proposal generation process without leaving their CRM. The sales team now has more time to focus on nurturing relationships with buyers instead of spending time managing the flow of information between their CRM and other tools.



Jeeng provides personalized, automated and multichannel messaging solutions allowing publishers to drive new revenue with personalized audience engagement. With Jeeng, publishers can better own and optimize their audiences – focusing on automated, cross-channel messaging tailored to audience interest, easily managed and supported by a dynamic messaging platform.

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