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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Samsung customer case

“Before, the sales process could take weeks. Now, the record is 10 minutes!”


”The best thing about GetAccept is that it is very EASY to sign contracts and other documents, both internally and externally. Earlier, the process could take a week, now it’s done within a day. The record is 10 minutes!”

Irina Tetenkina

Contract and Compliance Supervisor at Samsung Electronics Nordic AB

The challenge

Samsung used to sign contracts on paper, sending them by regular mail. Since they are working internationally, and many people are involved in the signature process, document signing was slow. The human factor could prolong the process even further. It could take a week to get a contract signed, and a lot of time was spent administrating.

The solution

When implementing GetAccept, Samsung could speed up and simplify their signing processes. The actual signature was no longer bound to a specific geographic place, and all decision makers could now sign from wherever their location was. This has saved a lot of effort and time for Samsung employees.

The result

Using GetAccept, the employees at Samsung no longer have to worry about where a contract is caught up. The implementation of GetAccept has helped them create a more modern image towards a younger audience, such as digital consumers and influencers. They have increased their overall document quality and reduced admin time substantially, while giving a better and faster experience to their counter parties.


Quick facts

Who: Irina Tetenkina, Contract and Compliance Supervisor, & Thomas Wirström, Nordic Senior Procurement Specialist

Industry: Electronics and Telecommunication

Favorite functions

  • Easy and fast signing process
  • E-signing can be done anywhere
  • Give the customer a modern experience

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“Being able to choose restricted access on documents was key in our evaluation of various suppliers. GetAccept had the best solution. It was also important that a document could be uploaded quickly, as we usually have quite large agreements.”

Thomas Wirström

Nordic Senior Procurement Specialist
at Samsung Electronics Nordic AB