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Olav Tuelo Johannesen - Teamleder IT

"With GetAccept, we now have full control over issued proposals and agreements. We’re able to see the status during all processes and to automatically remind our potential customers if the signature is not in place."

Olav Tuelo Johannesen

Teamleder IT

Favourite functions —

SMS-proposals | Automated reminders | Notifications | Personal video


ABAX had an in-house developed and customised solution that didn’t work together with SuperOffice, their cloud-based CRM-platform. They wanted to switch to an “out-of-the-box”-solution rather than spend development hours fixing their own platform.


Historically, ABAX has leaned more towards traditional and manual processes in regards to how they handle their documents and proposals. Previously, these documents were sent out manually to their customers and prospects, which led to a lot of time being spent manually following up on prospects, proposals, contracts, and agreements.


ABAX could see that there was a need to modernise and streamline their proposal and document delivery processes. Luckily, they were referred to choose GetAccept by their CRM partner, SuperOffice.

The most crucial thing for ABAX was to find a solution that could be integrated to their CRM. After a thorough review of the product, including its features, integrations, and a customer reference check by SuperOffice, they decided to choose GetAccept.

Once the implementation and training was complete, ABAX realized they could drive more value out of GetAccept by sending and signing several different types of documents, such as HR documents, slide decks, meeting agendas, NDA’s, DPAs, and SLAs.

They use the flagship Enterprise tier of GetAccept, which allows them to integrate with their CRM and HR system, Sympa HR. This is where they send their NDAs, DPAs, employment contracts and all other HR-related documents that must be signed.


The implementation of GetAccept went very smoothly with the help of GetAccept's partner, I-Centrum, which developed the integration with SuperOffice CRM. ABAX started implementing GetAccept as they switched to SuperOffice online. The implementation was quick, efficient, and seamless, bringing SuperOffice and GetAccept together.

Internal reactions from users were mixed at first, mostly due to a somewhat different way of working compared to their norm. However, they started to embrace its features, such as personal video, sending offers via SMS, real-time notifications, and automatic reminders. The latter feature received particularly positive feedback from users seeing great value from it.

According to ABAX, GetAccept has been a very user-friendly solution. The users of it are particularly fond of SMS sent offers with automatic reminders when the contract is yet to be signed. As a result, the integration of GetAccept into SuperOffice has contributed to more signed agreements and receiving them quicker than ever.


The personal video greeting contributes to an innovative and personal customer journey, which is received by their customers in a very positive light.



ABAX is the fastest growing telematics company in Europe with in-house developed software and high quality hardware. Their services help customers stay up to date, become more efficient, and save money through a world class SaaS-solution, which their business model is based on. They have developed a fully integrated software platform that can be adapted to the innovative services of the future. The company has over 300 employees across different divisions; sales, customer service, marketing, administration, quality and, last but not least, product development.



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